VLC  4.0.0-dev
media_tree.h File Reference
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vlc_media_tree_tvlc_media_tree_New (void)
void vlc_media_tree_Hold (vlc_media_tree_t *tree)
void vlc_media_tree_Release (vlc_media_tree_t *tree)
input_item_node_tvlc_media_tree_Add (vlc_media_tree_t *tree, input_item_node_t *parent, input_item_t *media)
bool vlc_media_tree_Remove (vlc_media_tree_t *tree, input_item_t *media)

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_media_tree_Add()

input_item_node_t* vlc_media_tree_Add ( vlc_media_tree_t tree,
input_item_node_t parent,
input_item_t media 

◆ vlc_media_tree_Hold()

void vlc_media_tree_Hold ( vlc_media_tree_t tree)

◆ vlc_media_tree_New()

vlc_media_tree_t* vlc_media_tree_New ( void  )

◆ vlc_media_tree_Release()

void vlc_media_tree_Release ( vlc_media_tree_t tree)

◆ vlc_media_tree_Remove()

bool vlc_media_tree_Remove ( vlc_media_tree_t tree,
input_item_t media