VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vout_window_operations Struct Reference

Window implementation callbacks. More...

Data Fields

int(* enable )(struct vout_window_t *, const vout_window_cfg_t *)
void(* disable )(struct vout_window_t *)
void(* resize )(struct vout_window_t *, unsigned width, unsigned height)
void(* destroy )(struct vout_window_t *)
 Destroy the window. More...
void(* set_state )(struct vout_window_t *, unsigned state)
void(* unset_fullscreen )(struct vout_window_t *)
void(* set_fullscreen )(struct vout_window_t *, const char *id)
void(* set_title )(struct vout_window_t *, const char *id)

Detailed Description

Window implementation callbacks.

Field Documentation

◆ destroy

void(* vout_window_operations::destroy) (struct vout_window_t *)

Destroy the window.

Destroys the window and releases all associated resources.

◆ disable

void(* vout_window_operations::disable) (struct vout_window_t *)

◆ enable

int(* vout_window_operations::enable) (struct vout_window_t *, const vout_window_cfg_t *)

◆ resize

void(* vout_window_operations::resize) (struct vout_window_t *, unsigned width, unsigned height)

Referenced by vout_window_SetSize().

◆ set_fullscreen

void(* vout_window_operations::set_fullscreen) (struct vout_window_t *, const char *id)

◆ set_state

void(* vout_window_operations::set_state) (struct vout_window_t *, unsigned state)

Referenced by vout_window_SetState().

◆ set_title

void(* vout_window_operations::set_title) (struct vout_window_t *, const char *id)

Referenced by vout_window_SetTitle().

◆ unset_fullscreen

void(* vout_window_operations::unset_fullscreen) (struct vout_window_t *)

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