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#define VLC_TIMER_DISARM   (0)
#define VLC_TIMER_FIRE_ONCE   (0)


typedef struct vlc_timervlc_timer_t
 Threaded timer handle. More...


int vlc_timer_create (vlc_timer_t *id, void(*func)(void *), void *data)
 Initializes an asynchronous timer. More...
void vlc_timer_destroy (vlc_timer_t timer)
 Destroys an initialized timer. More...
void vlc_timer_schedule (vlc_timer_t timer, bool absolute, vlc_tick_t value, vlc_tick_t interval)
 Arms or disarms an initialized timer. More...
static void vlc_timer_disarm (vlc_timer_t timer)
static void vlc_timer_schedule_asap (vlc_timer_t timer, vlc_tick_t interval)
unsigned vlc_timer_getoverrun (vlc_timer_t timer)
 Fetches and resets the overrun counter for a timer. More...

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#define VLC_TIMER_DISARM   (0)


#define VLC_TIMER_FIRE_ONCE   (0)

Typedef Documentation

◆ vlc_timer_t

typedef struct vlc_timer* vlc_timer_t

Threaded timer handle.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_timer_create()

int vlc_timer_create ( vlc_timer_t id,
void(*)(void *)  func,
void *  data 

Initializes an asynchronous timer.

idpointer to timer to be initialized
funcfunction that the timer will call
dataparameter for the timer function
0 on success, a system error code otherwise.
Asynchronous timers are processed from an unspecified thread.
Multiple occurrences of a single interval timer are serialized: they cannot run concurrently.

References vlc_timer::data, vlc_timer::func, vlc_timer::handle, vlc_timer::hev, vlc_timer::htimer, vlc_timer::interval, vlc_timer::live, vlc_timer::lock, vlc_timer::overruns, vlc_timer::quit, vlc_timer::reschedule, vlc_timer::thread, vlc_timer::tid, unlikely, vlc_timer::value, vlc_clone(), vlc_cond_init(), vlc_mutex_init(), VLC_THREAD_PRIORITY_INPUT, vlc_timer_do(), and vlc_timer_thread().

◆ vlc_timer_destroy()

void vlc_timer_destroy ( vlc_timer_t  timer)

Destroys an initialized timer.

If needed, the timer is first disarmed. Behaviour is undefined if the specified timer is not initialized.

This function must be called before the timer data can be freed and before the timer callback function can be unmapped/unloaded.
timertimer to destroy

References vlc_timer::handle, vlc_timer::hev, vlc_timer::htimer, vlc_timer::live, vlc_timer::lock, vlc_timer::quit, vlc_timer::reschedule, vlc_timer::thread, vlc_timer::tid, vlc_cond_signal(), vlc_join(), vlc_mutex_lock(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

◆ vlc_timer_disarm()

static void vlc_timer_disarm ( vlc_timer_t  timer)

◆ vlc_timer_getoverrun()

unsigned vlc_timer_getoverrun ( vlc_timer_t  timer)

Fetches and resets the overrun counter for a timer.

This functions returns the number of times that the interval timer should have fired, but the callback was not invoked due to scheduling problems. The call resets the counter to zero.

timerinitialized timer
the timer overrun counter (typically zero)

References vlc_timer::overruns.

◆ vlc_timer_schedule()

void vlc_timer_schedule ( vlc_timer_t  timer,
bool  absolute,
vlc_tick_t  value,
vlc_tick_t  interval 

Arms or disarms an initialized timer.

This functions overrides any previous call to itself.

A timer can fire later than requested due to system scheduling limitations. An interval timer can fail to trigger sometimes, either because the system is busy or suspended, or because a previous iteration of the timer is still running. See also vlc_timer_getoverrun().
timerinitialized timer
absolutethe timer value origin is the same as vlc_tick_now() if true, the timer value is relative to now if false.
valuezero to disarm the timer, otherwise the initial time to wait before firing the timer.
intervalzero to fire the timer just once, otherwise the timer repetition interval.

References vlc_timer::handle, vlc_timer::hev, vlc_timer::htimer, vlc_timer::interval, vlc_timer::lock, MS_FROM_VLC_TICK, vlc_timer::reschedule, vlc_timer::value, vlc_cond_signal(), vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), vlc_tick_now(), VLC_TIMER_DISARM, and vlc_timer_do().

Referenced by vlc_timer_disarm(), and vlc_timer_schedule_asap().

◆ vlc_timer_schedule_asap()

static void vlc_timer_schedule_asap ( vlc_timer_t  timer,
vlc_tick_t  interval 

References vlc_timer_schedule().