VLC 4.0.0-dev
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sap_address_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for sap_address_t:

Data Fields

struct vlc_list node
vlc_thread_t thread
vlc_cond_t wait
char group [64]
union { 
   struct sockaddr   a 
   struct sockaddr_in   in 
   struct sockaddr_in6   in6 
socklen_t origlen
int fd
unsigned interval
unsigned session_count
struct vlc_list sessions

Field Documentation

◆ a

struct sockaddr sap_address_t::a

◆ fd

int sap_address_t::fd

◆ group

char sap_address_t::group[64]

◆ in

struct sockaddr_in sap_address_t::in

◆ in6

struct sockaddr_in6 sap_address_t::in6

◆ interval

unsigned sap_address_t::interval

Referenced by AddressCreate(), and RunThread().

◆ node

struct vlc_list sap_address_t::node

◆ [union]

union { ... } sap_address_t::orig

◆ origlen

socklen_t sap_address_t::origlen

Referenced by AddressCreate().

◆ session_count

unsigned sap_address_t::session_count

◆ sessions

struct vlc_list sap_address_t::sessions

◆ thread

vlc_thread_t sap_address_t::thread

◆ wait

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