VLC  4.0.0-dev
vlc_audio_loudness Struct Reference

Audio loudness measurement. More...

Data Fields

double loudness_momentary
 Momentary loudness (last 400 ms), in LUFS. More...
double loudness_shortterm
 Short term loudness (last 3seconds), in LUFS. More...
double loudness_integrated
 Integrated loudness (global), in LUFS. More...
double loudness_range
 Loudness range, in LU. More...
double truepeak
 True Peak, in dBTP. More...

Detailed Description

Audio loudness measurement.

Field Documentation

◆ loudness_integrated

double vlc_audio_loudness::loudness_integrated

Integrated loudness (global), in LUFS.

◆ loudness_momentary

double vlc_audio_loudness::loudness_momentary

Momentary loudness (last 400 ms), in LUFS.

Referenced by vlc_player_OnLoudnessEvent().

◆ loudness_range

double vlc_audio_loudness::loudness_range

Loudness range, in LU.

◆ loudness_shortterm

double vlc_audio_loudness::loudness_shortterm

Short term loudness (last 3seconds), in LUFS.

◆ truepeak

double vlc_audio_loudness::truepeak

True Peak, in dBTP.

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