VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_audio_output_events Struct Reference

Data Fields

void(* timing_report )(audio_output_t *, vlc_tick_t system_now, vlc_tick_t pts)
void(* volume_report )(audio_output_t *, float)
void(* mute_report )(audio_output_t *, bool)
void(* policy_report )(audio_output_t *, bool)
void(* device_report )(audio_output_t *, const char *)
void(* hotplug_report )(audio_output_t *, const char *, const char *)
void(* restart_request )(audio_output_t *, unsigned)
int(* gain_request )(audio_output_t *, float)

Field Documentation

◆ device_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::device_report) (audio_output_t *, const char *)

Referenced by aout_DeviceReport().

◆ gain_request

int(* vlc_audio_output_events::gain_request) (audio_output_t *, float)

Referenced by aout_GainRequest().

◆ hotplug_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::hotplug_report) (audio_output_t *, const char *, const char *)

Referenced by aout_HotplugReport().

◆ mute_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::mute_report) (audio_output_t *, bool)

Referenced by aout_MuteReport().

◆ policy_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::policy_report) (audio_output_t *, bool)

Referenced by aout_PolicyReport().

◆ restart_request

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::restart_request) (audio_output_t *, unsigned)

Referenced by aout_RestartRequest().

◆ timing_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::timing_report) (audio_output_t *, vlc_tick_t system_now, vlc_tick_t pts)

◆ volume_report

void(* vlc_audio_output_events::volume_report) (audio_output_t *, float)

Referenced by aout_VolumeReport().

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