VLC  4.0.0-dev
vlc_clock_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_loggerlogger
struct vlc_tracertracer
vlc_mutex_t lock
vlc_cond_t cond
unsigned rc
clock_point_t last
 Linear function system = ts * coeff / rate + offset. More...
average_t coeff_avg
double rate
double coeff
vlc_tick_t offset
vlc_tick_t delay
vlc_tick_t pause_date
unsigned wait_sync_ref_priority
clock_point_t wait_sync_ref
clock_point_t first_pcr
vlc_tick_t output_dejitter
vlc_tick_t input_dejitter

Field Documentation

◆ coeff

◆ coeff_avg

average_t vlc_clock_main_t::coeff_avg

◆ cond

◆ delay

◆ first_pcr

◆ input_dejitter

◆ input_master

◆ last

clock_point_t vlc_clock_main_t::last

Linear function system = ts * coeff / rate + offset.

Referenced by vlc_clock_main_ChangePause(), vlc_clock_main_New(), vlc_clock_main_reset(), and vlc_clock_master_update().

◆ lock

◆ logger

◆ master

◆ offset

◆ output_dejitter

◆ pause_date

◆ rate

◆ rc

◆ tracer

struct vlc_tracer* vlc_clock_main_t::tracer

◆ wait_sync_ref

◆ wait_sync_ref_priority

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