VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_dialog_id Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
vlc_cond_t wait
enum dialog_type i_type
void * p_context
int i_refcount
bool b_cancelled
bool b_answered
bool b_progress_indeterminate
char * psz_progress_text
struct dialog_answer answer

Field Documentation

◆ answer

struct dialog_answer vlc_dialog_id::answer

◆ b_answered

bool vlc_dialog_id::b_answered

◆ b_cancelled

bool vlc_dialog_id::b_cancelled

◆ b_progress_indeterminate

bool vlc_dialog_id::b_progress_indeterminate

◆ i_refcount

int vlc_dialog_id::i_refcount

◆ i_type

enum dialog_type vlc_dialog_id::i_type

Referenced by dialog_add_locked().

◆ lock

vlc_mutex_t vlc_dialog_id::lock

◆ p_context

void* vlc_dialog_id::p_context

◆ psz_progress_text

char* vlc_dialog_id::psz_progress_text

◆ wait

vlc_cond_t vlc_dialog_id::wait

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