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item.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  input_item_owner


#define item_owner(item)   ((struct input_item_owner *)(item))


typedef struct input_item_owner input_item_owner_t


void input_item_SetErrorWhenReading (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_error)
void input_item_UpdateTracksInfo (input_item_t *item, const es_format_t *fmt)
bool input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems (input_item_t *p_i)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ item_owner

#define item_owner (   item)    ((struct input_item_owner *)(item))

Typedef Documentation

◆ input_item_owner_t

Function Documentation

◆ input_item_SetErrorWhenReading()

void input_item_SetErrorWhenReading ( input_item_t p_i,
bool  b_error 

◆ input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems()

bool input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems ( input_item_t p_i)

◆ input_item_UpdateTracksInfo()

void input_item_UpdateTracksInfo ( input_item_t item,
const es_format_t fmt