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es_format.c File Reference
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void video_format_Setup (video_format_t *p_fmt, vlc_fourcc_t i_chroma, int i_width, int i_height, int i_visible_width, int i_visible_height, int i_sar_num, int i_sar_den)
 It will fill up a video_format_t using the given arguments.
void video_format_CopyCrop (video_format_t *p_dst, const video_format_t *p_src)
 It will copy the crop properties from a video_format_t to another.
void video_format_ScaleCropAr (video_format_t *p_dst, const video_format_t *p_src)
 It will compute the crop/ar properties when scaling.
static void transform_GetBasicOps (video_transform_t transform, unsigned *restrict angle, bool *restrict hflip)
static video_transform_t transform_FromBasicOps (unsigned angle, bool hflip)
video_transform_t video_format_GetTransform (video_orientation_t src, video_orientation_t dst)
 Returns the operation required to transform src into dst.
void video_format_TransformBy (video_format_t *fmt, video_transform_t transform)
 This function applies the transform operation to fmt.
void video_format_TransformTo (video_format_t *restrict fmt, video_orientation_t dst_orientation)
void video_format_ApplyRotation (video_format_t *restrict out, const video_format_t *restrict in)
bool video_format_IsSameChroma (const video_format_t *f1, const video_format_t *f2)
 Checks whether the video formats have the same chroma and mask.
bool video_format_IsSimilar (const video_format_t *f1, const video_format_t *f2)
 This function will check if the first video format is similar to the second one.
void video_format_LogDifferences (struct vlc_logger *log, const char *name_a, const video_format_t *a, const char *name_b, const video_format_t *b)
 Log differences between 2 video format.
void video_format_Print (vlc_object_t *p_this, const char *psz_text, const video_format_t *fmt)
 It prints details about the given video_format_t.
void es_format_Init (es_format_t *fmt, int i_cat, vlc_fourcc_t i_codec)
 This function will initialize a es_format_t structure.
void es_format_InitFromVideo (es_format_t *p_es, const video_format_t *p_fmt)
 This function will initialize a es_format_t structure from a video_format_t.
int es_format_Copy (es_format_t *restrict dst, const es_format_t *src)
void es_format_Clean (es_format_t *fmt)
 This function will clean up a es_format_t and release all associated resources.
bool es_format_IsSimilar (const es_format_t *p_fmt1, const es_format_t *p_fmt2)
 This function will check if the first ES format is similar to the second one.
void es_format_LogDifferences (struct vlc_logger *log, const char *name_a, const es_format_t *a, const char *name_b, const es_format_t *b)
 Log differences between 2 ES format.


static const char * orient_to_string []

Function Documentation

◆ es_format_Clean()

◆ es_format_Copy()

◆ es_format_Init()

◆ es_format_InitFromVideo()

void es_format_InitFromVideo ( es_format_t p_es,
const video_format_t p_fmt 

◆ es_format_IsSimilar()

◆ es_format_LogDifferences()

◆ transform_FromBasicOps()

static video_transform_t transform_FromBasicOps ( unsigned  angle,
bool  hflip 

◆ transform_GetBasicOps()

static void transform_GetBasicOps ( video_transform_t  transform,
unsigned *restrict  angle,
bool *restrict  hflip 

◆ video_format_ApplyRotation()

void video_format_ApplyRotation ( video_format_t *restrict  out,
const video_format_t *restrict  in 

◆ video_format_CopyCrop()

◆ video_format_GetTransform()

video_transform_t video_format_GetTransform ( video_orientation_t  src,
video_orientation_t  dst 

Returns the operation required to transform src into dst.

References transform_FromBasicOps(), transform_GetBasicOps(), and transform_Inverse().

Referenced by video_format_TransformTo().

◆ video_format_IsSameChroma()

bool video_format_IsSameChroma ( const video_format_t f1,
const video_format_t f2 

◆ video_format_IsSimilar()

◆ video_format_LogDifferences()

void video_format_LogDifferences ( struct vlc_logger log,
const char *  name_a,
const video_format_t a,
const char *  name_b,
const video_format_t b 

◆ video_format_Print()

◆ video_format_ScaleCropAr()

◆ video_format_Setup()

void video_format_Setup ( video_format_t p_fmt,
vlc_fourcc_t  i_chroma,
int  i_width,
int  i_height,
int  i_visible_width,
int  i_visible_height,
int  i_sar_num,
int  i_sar_den 

◆ video_format_TransformBy()

◆ video_format_TransformTo()

void video_format_TransformTo ( video_format_t *restrict  fmt,
video_orientation_t  dst_orientation 

Variable Documentation

◆ orient_to_string

const char* orient_to_string[]
Initial value:
[ORIENT_NORMAL] = "normal",
[ORIENT_TRANSPOSED] = "transposed",
[ORIENT_ANTI_TRANSPOSED] = "antitransposed",
[ORIENT_HFLIPPED] = "hflip",
[ORIENT_VFLIPPED] = "vflip",
[ORIENT_ROTATED_270] = "270",
Definition vlc_es.h:192
Definition vlc_es.h:196
Definition vlc_es.h:197
Definition vlc_es.h:194
Definition vlc_es.h:198
Definition vlc_es.h:193
Definition vlc_es.h:195
Definition vlc_es.h:199

Referenced by video_format_Print().