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filter_chain.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  chained_filter_t
struct  filter_chain_t


typedef struct chained_filter_t chained_filter_t


module_tvlc_filter_LoadModule (filter_t *p_filter, const char *capability, const char *name, bool strict)
void vlc_filter_UnloadModule (filter_t *p_filter)
static void FilterDeletePictures (vlc_picture_chain_t *)
 Local prototypes.
static filter_chain_tfilter_chain_NewInner (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *cap, const char *conv_cap, bool fmt_out_change, enum es_format_category_e cat)
filter_chain_tfilter_chain_NewSPU (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *cap)
 Create new filter chain.
static picture_tfilter_chain_VideoBufferNew (filter_t *filter)
 Chained filter picture allocator function.
static vlc_decoder_devicefilter_chain_HoldDecoderDevice (vlc_object_t *o, void *sys)
filter_chain_tfilter_chain_NewVideo (vlc_object_t *obj, bool allow_change, const filter_owner_t *restrict owner)
void filter_chain_Clear (filter_chain_t *p_chain)
 Remove all existing filters.
void filter_chain_Delete (filter_chain_t *p_chain)
 Delete filter chain will delete all filters in the chain and free all allocated data.
void filter_chain_Reset (filter_chain_t *p_chain, const es_format_t *p_fmt_in, vlc_video_context *vctx_in, const es_format_t *p_fmt_out)
 Filter chain reinitialisation.
static filter_tfilter_chain_AppendInner (filter_chain_t *chain, const char *name, const char *capability, const config_chain_t *cfg, const es_format_t *fmt_out)
filter_tfilter_chain_AppendFilter (filter_chain_t *chain, const char *name, const config_chain_t *cfg, const es_format_t *fmt_out)
 Append a filter to the chain.
int filter_chain_AppendConverter (filter_chain_t *chain, const es_format_t *fmt_out)
 Append a conversion to the chain.
void filter_chain_DeleteFilter (filter_chain_t *chain, filter_t *filter)
 Delete filter from filter chain.
int filter_chain_AppendFromString (filter_chain_t *chain, const char *str)
 Append new filter to filter chain from string.
int filter_chain_ForEach (filter_chain_t *chain, int(*cb)(filter_t *, void *), void *opaque)
bool filter_chain_IsEmpty (const filter_chain_t *chain)
 Checks if the filter chain is empty.
const es_format_tfilter_chain_GetFmtOut (const filter_chain_t *p_chain)
 Get last output format of the last element in the filter chain.
vlc_video_contextfilter_chain_GetVideoCtxOut (const filter_chain_t *p_chain)
 Get last output video context of the last element in the filter chain.
static picture_tFilterSingleChainedFilter (chained_filter_t *f, picture_t *p_pic)
picture_tfilter_chain_VideoFilter (filter_chain_t *p_chain, picture_t *p_pic)
 Apply the filter chain to a video picture.
void filter_chain_VideoFlush (filter_chain_t *p_chain)
 Flush a video filter chain.
int filter_chain_MouseFilter (filter_chain_t *p_chain, vlc_mouse_t *p_dst, const vlc_mouse_t *p_src)


static const struct filter_video_callbacks filter_chain_video_cbs

Typedef Documentation

◆ chained_filter_t

Function Documentation

◆ filter_chain_AppendInner()

◆ filter_chain_HoldDecoderDevice()

static vlc_decoder_device * filter_chain_HoldDecoderDevice ( vlc_object_t o,
void *  sys 

◆ filter_chain_MouseFilter()

◆ filter_chain_NewInner()

◆ filter_chain_NewVideo()

filter_chain_t * filter_chain_NewVideo ( vlc_object_t obj,
bool  allow_change,
const filter_owner_t *restrict  owner 

◆ filter_chain_VideoBufferNew()

static picture_t * filter_chain_VideoBufferNew ( filter_t filter)

◆ FilterDeletePictures()

◆ FilterSingleChainedFilter()

Variable Documentation

◆ filter_chain_video_cbs

const struct filter_video_callbacks filter_chain_video_cbs
Initial value:
static picture_t * filter_chain_VideoBufferNew(filter_t *filter)
Chained filter picture allocator function.
Definition filter_chain.c:179
static vlc_decoder_device * filter_chain_HoldDecoderDevice(vlc_object_t *o, void *sys)
Definition filter_chain.c:207

Referenced by filter_chain_AppendInner().