VLC 4.0.0-dev
vlc_object_t Struct Reference

VLC object common members. More...

#include <vlc_objects.h>

Collaboration diagram for vlc_object_t:

Data Fields

struct vlc_loggerlogger
union {
   struct vlc_object_internals *   priv
   struct vlc_object_marker *   obj
bool no_interact
bool force
 Module probe flag. More...

Detailed Description

VLC object common members.

Common public properties for all VLC objects. Object also have private properties maintained by the core, see vlc_object_internals_t

Field Documentation


union { ... } vlc_object_t::@261

◆ force

bool vlc_object_t::force

Module probe flag.

A boolean during module probing when the probe is "forced". See module_need().

Referenced by demux_Probe(), generic_start(), module_need(), and vout_display_New().

◆ logger

◆ no_interact

◆ obj

struct vlc_object_marker* vlc_object_t::obj

◆ priv

struct vlc_object_internals* vlc_object_t::priv

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