VLC  4.0.0-dev
medialib.c File Reference
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void vlc_player_input_RestoreMlStates (struct vlc_player_input *input, bool force_pos)
static bool vlc_player_UpdateMediaType (const struct vlc_player_input *input, vlc_medialibrary_t *ml, vlc_ml_media_t *media)
static void vlc_player_CompareAssignState (char **target_ptr, char **input_ptr)
void vlc_player_UpdateMLStates (vlc_player_t *player, struct vlc_player_input *input)
void vlc_player_RestorePlaybackPos (vlc_player_t *player)
 Restore the previous playback position of the current media. More...

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_player_CompareAssignState()

static void vlc_player_CompareAssignState ( char **  target_ptr,
char **  input_ptr 

◆ vlc_player_input_RestoreMlStates()

◆ vlc_player_UpdateMediaType()

◆ vlc_player_UpdateMLStates()

void vlc_player_UpdateMLStates ( vlc_player_t player,
struct vlc_player_input input