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input.c File Reference
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#define SLAVE_ADD_NOFLAG   0
#define SLAVE_ADD_FORCED   (1<<0)
#define SLAVE_ADD_CANFAIL   (1<<1)
#define SLAVE_ADD_SET_TIME   (1<<2)




static void * Run (void *)
static void * Preparse (void *)
static input_thread_tCreate (vlc_object_t *, input_thread_events_cb, void *, input_item_t *, enum input_create_option option, input_resource_t *, vlc_renderer_item_t *)
static void Destroy (input_thread_t *p_input)
static int Init (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void End (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void MainLoop (input_thread_t *p_input, bool b_interactive)
 MainLoop The main input loop. More...
static int ControlPop (input_thread_t *, int *, input_control_param_t *, vlc_tick_t i_deadline, bool b_postpone_seek)
static void ControlRelease (int i_type, const input_control_param_t *p_param)
static bool ControlIsSeekRequest (int i_type)
static bool Control (input_thread_t *, int, input_control_param_t)
static void ControlPause (input_thread_t *, vlc_tick_t)
static int UpdateTitleSeekpointFromDemux (input_thread_t *)
static void UpdateGenericFromDemux (input_thread_t *)
static void UpdateTitleListfromDemux (input_thread_t *)
static void MRLSections (const char *, int *, int *, int *, int *)
static input_source_tInputSourceNew (const char *psz_mrl)
static int InputSourceInit (input_source_t *in, input_thread_t *p_input, const char *psz_mrl, const char *psz_forced_demux, bool b_in_can_fail)
static void InputSourceDestroy (input_source_t *)
static void InputSourceMeta (input_thread_t *, input_source_t *, vlc_meta_t *)
static void SlaveDemux (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void SlaveSeek (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void InputMetaUser (input_thread_t *p_input, vlc_meta_t *p_meta)
static void InputUpdateMeta (input_thread_t *p_input, demux_t *p_demux)
static void InputGetExtraFiles (input_thread_t *p_input, int *pi_list, char ***pppsz_list, const char **psz_access, const char *mrl)
static void AppendAttachment (input_thread_t *p_input, int i_new, input_attachment_t **pp_new)
static int input_SlaveSourceAdd (input_thread_t *, enum slave_type, const char *, unsigned)
static char * input_SubtitleFile2Uri (input_thread_t *, const char *)
static void input_ChangeState (input_thread_t *p_input, int i_state, vlc_tick_t)
input_thread_tinput_Create (vlc_object_t *p_parent, input_thread_events_cb events_cb, void *events_data, input_item_t *p_item, input_resource_t *p_resource, vlc_renderer_item_t *p_renderer)
 Create a new input_thread_t. More...
input_thread_tinput_CreatePreparser (vlc_object_t *parent, input_thread_events_cb events_cb, void *events_data, input_item_t *item)
 Creates an item preparser. More...
input_thread_tinput_CreateThumbnailer (vlc_object_t *obj, input_thread_events_cb events_cb, void *events_data, input_item_t *item)
int input_Start (input_thread_t *p_input)
 Start a input_thread_t created by input_Create. More...
void input_Stop (input_thread_t *p_input)
 Request a running input thread to stop and die. More...
void input_Close (input_thread_t *p_input)
 Close an input. More...
void input_SetTime (input_thread_t *p_input, vlc_tick_t i_time, bool b_fast)
void input_SetPosition (input_thread_t *p_input, float f_position, bool b_fast)
input_item_tinput_GetItem (input_thread_t *p_input)
 Get the item from an input thread FIXME it does not increase ref count of the item. More...
bool input_Stopped (input_thread_t *input)
static void MainLoopDemux (input_thread_t *p_input, bool *pb_changed)
 MainLoopDemux It asks the demuxer to demux some data. More...
static int MainLoopTryRepeat (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void MainLoopStatistics (input_thread_t *p_input)
 Update timing infos and statistics. More...
static void InitProperties (input_thread_t *input)
static void InitTitle (input_thread_t *p_input, bool had_titles)
static void StartTitle (input_thread_t *p_input)
static int SlaveCompare (const void *a, const void *b)
static bool SlaveExists (input_item_slave_t **pp_slaves, int i_slaves, const char *psz_uri)
static void RequestSubRate (input_thread_t *p_input, float f_slave_fps)
static void SetSubtitlesOptions (input_thread_t *p_input)
static enum slave_type DeduceSlaveType (input_thread_t *p_input, const char *psz_uri)
static void GetVarSlaves (input_thread_t *p_input, input_item_slave_t ***ppp_slaves, int *p_slaves)
static void LoadSlaves (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void UpdatePtsDelay (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void InitPrograms (input_thread_t *p_input)
static size_t ControlGetReducedIndexLocked (input_thread_t *p_input, input_control_t *c)
int input_ControlPush (input_thread_t *p_input, int i_type, const input_control_param_t *p_param)
static void ControlUnpause (input_thread_t *p_input, vlc_tick_t i_control_date)
static void ViewpointApply (input_thread_t *p_input)
static void ControlNav (input_thread_t *p_input, int i_type)
static void ControlInsertDemuxFilter (input_thread_t *p_input, const char *psz_demux_chain)
void input_SetProgramId (input_thread_t *input, int group_id)
 Set the program id. More...
void input_SetEsCatIds (input_thread_t *input, enum es_format_category_e cat, const char *str_ids)
 Set the list of string ids to enable for a category. More...
static void ControlSetEsList (input_thread_t *input, enum es_format_category_e cat, vlc_es_id_t **ids)
static int UpdateTitleSeekpoint (input_thread_t *p_input, int i_title, int i_seekpoint)
static int InputStreamHandleAnchor (input_thread_t *p_input, input_source_t *source, stream_t **stream, char const *anchor)
static demux_tInputDemuxNew (input_thread_t *p_input, es_out_t *p_es_out, input_source_t *p_source, const char *url, const char *psz_demux, const char *psz_anchor)
static void input_SplitMRL (const char **, const char **, const char **, const char **, char *)
input_source_tinput_source_Hold (input_source_t *in)
 Hold the input_source_t. More...
void input_source_Release (input_source_t *in)
 Release the input_source_t. More...
const char * input_source_GetStrId (input_source_t *in)
 Returns the string identifying this input source. More...
int input_source_GetNewAutoId (input_source_t *in)
 Get a new fmt.i_id from the input source. More...
bool input_source_IsAutoSelected (input_source_t *in)
 Returns true if a given source should be auto-selected. More...
static void InputGetExtraFilesPattern (input_thread_t *p_input, int *pi_list, char ***pppsz_list, const char *uri, const char *psz_match, const char *psz_format, int i_start, int i_stop)
static const char * MRLSeekPoint (const char *str, int *title, int *chapter)
int input_GetAttachments (input_thread_t *input, input_attachment_t ***attachments)
input_attachment_tinput_GetAttachment (input_thread_t *input, const char *name)
bool input_CanPaceControl (input_thread_t *input)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SLAVE_ADD_CANFAIL   (1<<1)


#define SLAVE_ADD_FORCED   (1<<0)


#define SLAVE_ADD_NOFLAG   0


#define SLAVE_ADD_SET_TIME   (1<<2)

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ input_create_option


Function Documentation

◆ AppendAttachment()

static void AppendAttachment ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_new,
input_attachment_t **  pp_new 

◆ Control()

static bool Control ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_type,
input_control_param_t  param 

References AUDIO_ES, vlc_value_t::b_bool, input_source_t::b_can_pace_control, input_source_t::b_can_rate_control, input_source_t::b_can_stream_record, input_source_t::b_eof, input_control_param_t::b_fast_seek, input_item_slave::b_forced, input_thread_private_t::b_out_pace_control, input_thread_private_t::b_recording, input_source_t::b_rescale_ts, input_control_param_t::cat, input_control_param_t::cat_delay, input_control_param_t::cat_ids, ControlInsertDemuxFilter(), ControlNav(), ControlPause(), ControlRelease(), ControlSetEsList(), ControlUnpause(), input_control_param_t::delay, demux_Control(), demux_FilterDisable(), demux_FilterEnable(), DEMUX_GET_LENGTH, demux_GetSeekpoint(), demux_GetTitle(), DEMUX_SET_ES, DEMUX_SET_GROUP_DEFAULT, DEMUX_SET_GROUP_LIST, DEMUX_SET_RATE, DEMUX_SET_RECORD_STATE, DEMUX_SET_SEEKPOINT, DEMUX_SET_TITLE, demux_SetPosition(), demux_SetTime(), input_control_param_t::enabled, input_control_param_t::es_delay, es_out_Control(), ES_OUT_RESET_PCR, es_out_RestartEs(), ES_OUT_SET_GROUP, es_out_SetDelay(), es_out_SetEs(), es_out_SetEsCatIds(), es_out_SetEsDelay(), es_out_SetFrameNext(), es_out_SetRate(), es_out_SetRecordState(), es_out_SetVbiPage(), es_out_SetVbiTransparency(), es_out_StartAllEs(), es_out_StopAllEs(), es_out_UnsetEs(), vlc_value_t::f_float, input_control_param_t::f_val, vlc_viewpoint_t::fov, vlc_value_t::i_int, input_title_t::i_seekpoint, input_thread_private_t::i_slave, input_thread_private_t::i_state, seekpoint_t::i_time_offset, input_source_t::i_title, input_item_slave::i_type, i_type, input_control_param_t::i_val, input_control_param_t::id, input_control_param_t::ids, INPUT_CONTROL_ADD_SLAVE, INPUT_CONTROL_JUMP_POSITION, INPUT_CONTROL_JUMP_TIME, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_ACTIVATE, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_DOWN, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_LEFT, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_MENU, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_POPUP, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_RIGHT, INPUT_CONTROL_NAV_UP, INPUT_CONTROL_RESTART_ES, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_CATEGORY_DELAY, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_ES, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_ES_CAT_IDS, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_ES_DELAY, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_ES_LIST, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_FRAME_NEXT, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_INITIAL_VIEWPOINT, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_POSITION, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_PROGRAM, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_RATE, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_RECORD_STATE, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_RENDERER, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_SEEKPOINT, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_SEEKPOINT_NEXT, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_SEEKPOINT_PREV, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_STATE, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_SUBS_FPS, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_TIME, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_TITLE, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_TITLE_NEXT, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_TITLE_PREV, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_VBI_PAGE, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_VBI_TRANSPARENCY, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_VIEWPOINT, INPUT_CONTROL_UNSET_ES, INPUT_CONTROL_UPDATE_VIEWPOINT, input_item_AddSlave(), input_priv(), INPUT_RATE_MAX, INPUT_RATE_MIN, input_SendEventRate(), input_SendEventRecord(), input_SendEventSeekpoint(), input_SendEventSubsFPS(), input_SlaveSourceAdd(), input_control_param_t::list, input_thread_private_t::master, msg_Dbg, msg_Err, msg_Info, msg_Warn, vlc_value_t::p_address, input_source_t::p_demux, input_thread_private_t::p_es_out, input_thread_private_t::p_es_out_display, input_thread_private_t::p_item, input_thread_private_t::p_renderer, input_thread_private_t::p_sout, input_control_param_t::page, PAUSE_S, vlc_viewpoint_t::pitch, PLAYING_S, input_control_param_t::pos, input_item_slave::psz_uri, input_thread_private_t::rate, RequestSubRate(), vlc_viewpoint_t::roll, input_title_t::seekpoint, SLAVE_ADD_CANFAIL, SLAVE_ADD_FORCED, SLAVE_ADD_SET_TIME, SlaveSeek(), SPU_ES, input_control_param_t::str_ids, input_control_param_t::time, input_source_t::title, input_control_param_t::val, var_GetInteger(), input_control_param_t::vbi_page, input_control_param_t::vbi_transparency, input_control_param_t::viewpoint, input_thread_private_t::viewpoint, input_thread_private_t::viewpoint_changed, ViewpointApply(), vlc_es_id_GetInputId(), vlc_es_id_GetSource(), vlc_renderer_item_demux_filter(), vlc_renderer_item_hold(), vlc_renderer_item_release(), VLC_SUCCESS, VLC_TICK_FROM_SEC, vlc_tick_now(), and vlc_viewpoint_t::yaw.

Referenced by ControlNav(), and MainLoop().

◆ ControlGetReducedIndexLocked()

static size_t ControlGetReducedIndexLocked ( input_thread_t p_input,
input_control_t c 

◆ ControlInsertDemuxFilter()

static void ControlInsertDemuxFilter ( input_thread_t p_input,
const char *  psz_demux_chain 

◆ ControlIsSeekRequest()

static bool ControlIsSeekRequest ( int  i_type)

◆ ControlNav()

static void ControlNav ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_type 

◆ ControlPause()

static void ControlPause ( input_thread_t p_input,
vlc_tick_t  i_control_date 

◆ ControlPop()

static int ControlPop ( input_thread_t p_input,
int *  pi_type,
input_control_param_t p_param,
vlc_tick_t  i_deadline,
bool  b_postpone_seek 

◆ ControlRelease()

static void ControlRelease ( int  i_type,
const input_control_param_t p_param 

◆ ControlSetEsList()

static void ControlSetEsList ( input_thread_t input,
enum es_format_category_e  cat,
vlc_es_id_t **  ids 

◆ ControlUnpause()

static void ControlUnpause ( input_thread_t p_input,
vlc_tick_t  i_control_date 

◆ Create()

static input_thread_t * Create ( vlc_object_t p_parent,
input_thread_events_cb  events_cb,
void *  events_data,
input_item_t p_item,
enum input_create_option  option,
input_resource_t p_resource,
vlc_renderer_item_t p_renderer 

References input_thread_private_t::attachment, input_thread_private_t::b_low_delay, input_thread_private_t::b_out_pace_control, input_item_t::b_preparse_interact, input_thread_private_t::b_preparsing, input_thread_private_t::b_recording, input_thread_private_t::b_thumbnailing, Destroy(), input_thread_private_t::events_cb, input_thread_private_t::events_data, input_thread_private_t::i_attachment, input_thread_private_t::i_control, input_thread_private_t::i_jitter_max, input_item_t::i_preparse_depth, input_thread_private_t::i_seekpoint_offset, input_thread_private_t::i_slave, input_thread_private_t::i_start, input_thread_private_t::i_state, input_thread_private_t::i_stop, input_thread_private_t::i_title_offset, INIT_S, input_thread_private_t::input, input_ConfigVarInit(), INPUT_CREATE_OPTION_PREPARSING, INPUT_CREATE_OPTION_THUMBNAILING, input_EsOutNew(), input_item_ApplyOptions(), input_item_GetName(), input_item_Hold(), input_item_SetESNowPlaying(), input_item_SetNowPlaying(), input_priv(), input_resource_Hold(), input_resource_New(), input_resource_SetInput(), input_stats_Create(), InputSourceNew(), input_thread_private_t::interrupt, input_thread_private_t::is_running, input_thread_private_t::is_stopped, input_item_t::lock, input_thread_private_t::lock_control, vlc_object_t::logger, input_thread_private_t::master, msg_Dbg, vlc_object_t::no_interact, input_thread_private_t::normal_time, input_thread_t::obj, input_thread_private_t::p_es_out, input_thread_private_t::p_es_out_display, input_thread_private_t::p_item, input_thread_private_t::p_renderer, input_thread_private_t::p_resource, input_thread_private_t::p_sout, input_item_t::p_stats, psz_name, input_thread_private_t::rate, input_thread_private_t::slave, input_thread_private_t::stats, strcasecmp(), TAB_INIT, unlikely, var_InheritAddress(), var_InheritBool(), var_InheritInteger(), var_InheritString(), input_thread_private_t::viewpoint, input_thread_private_t::viewpoint_changed, vlc_cond_init(), vlc_custom_create, vlc_interrupt_init(), vlc_mutex_init(), vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), VLC_OBJECT, vlc_renderer_item_hold(), VLC_TICK_0, VLC_TICK_FROM_MS, vlc_viewpoint_init(), and input_thread_private_t::wait_control.

Referenced by input_Create(), input_CreatePreparser(), and input_CreateThumbnailer().

◆ DeduceSlaveType()

static enum slave_type DeduceSlaveType ( input_thread_t p_input,
const char *  psz_uri 

◆ Destroy()

static void Destroy ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ End()

static void End ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ GetVarSlaves()

static void GetVarSlaves ( input_thread_t p_input,
input_item_slave_t ***  ppp_slaves,
int *  p_slaves 

◆ Init()

static int Init ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ InitPrograms()

static void InitPrograms ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ InitProperties()

static void InitProperties ( input_thread_t input)

◆ InitTitle()

static void InitTitle ( input_thread_t p_input,
bool  had_titles 

◆ input_CanPaceControl()

bool input_CanPaceControl ( input_thread_t input)

◆ input_ChangeState()

static void input_ChangeState ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_state,
vlc_tick_t  state_date 

◆ input_Close()

void input_Close ( input_thread_t p_input)

Close an input.

It does not call input_Stop itself.

References Destroy(), input_priv(), thread, vlc_interrupt_deinit(), and vlc_join().

Referenced by input_item_Parse(), input_item_parser_id_Release(), RunnableRun(), and vlc_player_input_Delete().

◆ input_ControlPush()

int input_ControlPush ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_type,
const input_control_param_t p_param 

◆ input_Create()

input_thread_t* input_Create ( vlc_object_t p_parent,
input_thread_events_cb  events_cb,
void *  events_data,
input_item_t p_item,
input_resource_t p_resource,
vlc_renderer_item_t p_renderer 

Create a new input_thread_t.

You need to call input_Start on it when you are done adding callback on the variables/events you want to monitor.

p_parenta vlc_object
p_iteman input item
p_resourcean optional input ressource
a pointer to the spawned input thread

References Create(), and INPUT_CREATE_OPTION_NONE.

Referenced by vlc_player_input_New().

◆ input_CreatePreparser()

input_thread_t* input_CreatePreparser ( vlc_object_t obj,
input_thread_events_cb  events_cb,
void *  events_data,
input_item_t item 

Creates an item preparser.

Creates an input thread to preparse an item. The input needs to be started with input_Start() afterwards.

objparent object
iteminput item to preparse
an input thread or NULL on error


Referenced by input_item_Parse().

◆ input_CreateThumbnailer()

input_thread_t* input_CreateThumbnailer ( vlc_object_t obj,
input_thread_events_cb  events_cb,
void *  events_data,
input_item_t item 


Referenced by RunnableRun().

◆ input_GetAttachment()

input_attachment_t* input_GetAttachment ( input_thread_t input,
const char *  name 

◆ input_GetAttachments()

int input_GetAttachments ( input_thread_t input,
input_attachment_t ***  attachments 

◆ input_GetItem()

input_item_t* input_GetItem ( input_thread_t p_input)

Get the item from an input thread FIXME it does not increase ref count of the item.

Get the input item for an input thread.

if it is used after p_input is destroyed nothing prevent it from being freed.

References input_priv(), and input_thread_private_t::p_item.

Referenced by access_New(), demux_NewAdvanced(), DisplayVoutTitle(), EsOutEsUpdateFmt(), EsOutMeta(), EsOutSetRecord(), input_item_parser_InputEvent(), input_thread_Events(), stream_AccessNew(), vlc_player_input_RestoreMlStates(), and vlc_player_UpdateMLStates().

◆ input_SetEsCatIds()

void input_SetEsCatIds ( input_thread_t input,
enum es_format_category_e  cat,
const char *  str_ids 

Set the list of string ids to enable for a category.

cf. ES_OUT_SET_ES_CAT_IDS This function can be called before start or while started. This function is not thread-safe, the caller should handle the locking.

References input_control_param_t::cat_ids, es_out_SetEsCatIds(), INPUT_CONTROL_SET_ES_CAT_IDS, input_ControlPush(), input_priv(), input_thread_private_t::is_running, input_thread_private_t::is_stopped, input_thread_private_t::p_es_out_display, and strdup().

Referenced by vlc_player_input_SelectTracksByStringIds().

◆ input_SetPosition()

void input_SetPosition ( input_thread_t p_input,
float  f_position,
bool  b_fast 

◆ input_SetProgramId()

void input_SetProgramId ( input_thread_t input,
int  group_id 

Set the program id.

cf. ES_OUT_SET_GROUP This function can be called before start or while started. This function is not thread-safe, the caller should handle the locking.

References es_out_Control(), ES_OUT_SET_GROUP, INPUT_CONTROL_SET_PROGRAM, input_ControlPushHelper(), input_priv(), input_thread_private_t::is_running, input_thread_private_t::is_stopped, and input_thread_private_t::p_es_out_display.

Referenced by vlc_player_SelectProgram().

◆ input_SetTime()

void input_SetTime ( input_thread_t p_input,
vlc_tick_t  i_time,
bool  b_fast 

◆ input_SlaveSourceAdd()

static int input_SlaveSourceAdd ( input_thread_t p_input,
enum slave_type  i_type,
const char *  psz_uri,
unsigned  i_flags 

◆ input_source_GetNewAutoId()

int input_source_GetNewAutoId ( input_source_t in)

Get a new fmt.i_id from the input source.

This auto id will be relative to this input source. It allows to have stable ids across different playback instances, by not relying on the input source addition order.

References input_source_t::auto_id.

Referenced by EsOutAddLocked().

◆ input_source_GetStrId()

const char* input_source_GetStrId ( input_source_t in)

Returns the string identifying this input source.

a string id or NULL if the source is the master

References input_source_t::str_id.

Referenced by EsOutAddLocked().

◆ input_source_Hold()

input_source_t* input_source_Hold ( input_source_t in)

◆ input_source_IsAutoSelected()

bool input_source_IsAutoSelected ( input_source_t in)

Returns true if a given source should be auto-selected.

References input_source_t::autoselected.

Referenced by EsOutSelect().

◆ input_source_Release()

void input_source_Release ( input_source_t in)

◆ input_SplitMRL()

static void input_SplitMRL ( const char **  access,
const char **  demux,
const char **  path,
const char **  anchor,
char *  buf 

References p.

Referenced by InputSourceInit().

◆ input_Start()

int input_Start ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ input_Stop()

void input_Stop ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ input_Stopped()

bool input_Stopped ( input_thread_t input)

◆ input_SubtitleFile2Uri()

static char * input_SubtitleFile2Uri ( input_thread_t p_input,
const char *  psz_subtitle 

References msg_Dbg, strdup(), vlc_path2uri(), and vlc_stat().

Referenced by LoadSlaves().

◆ InputDemuxNew()

static demux_t* InputDemuxNew ( input_thread_t p_input,
es_out_t p_es_out,
input_source_t p_source,
const char *  url,
const char *  psz_demux,
const char *  psz_anchor 

◆ InputGetExtraFiles()

static void InputGetExtraFiles ( input_thread_t p_input,
int *  pi_list,
char ***  pppsz_list,
const char **  psz_access,
const char *  mrl 

◆ InputGetExtraFilesPattern()

static void InputGetExtraFilesPattern ( input_thread_t p_input,
int *  pi_list,
char ***  pppsz_list,
const char *  uri,
const char *  psz_match,
const char *  psz_format,
int  i_start,
int  i_stop 

◆ InputMetaUser()

static void InputMetaUser ( input_thread_t p_input,
vlc_meta_t p_meta 

◆ InputSourceDestroy()

static void InputSourceDestroy ( input_source_t in)

◆ InputSourceInit()

static int InputSourceInit ( input_source_t in,
input_thread_t p_input,
const char *  psz_mrl,
const char *  psz_forced_demux,
bool  b_in_can_fail 

◆ InputSourceMeta()

static void InputSourceMeta ( input_thread_t p_input,
input_source_t p_source,
vlc_meta_t p_meta 

◆ InputSourceNew()

static input_source_t * InputSourceNew ( const char *  psz_mrl)

◆ InputStreamHandleAnchor()

static int InputStreamHandleAnchor ( input_thread_t p_input,
input_source_t source,
stream_t **  stream,
char const *  anchor 

◆ InputUpdateMeta()

static void InputUpdateMeta ( input_thread_t p_input,
demux_t p_demux 

◆ LoadSlaves()

static void LoadSlaves ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ MainLoop()

static void MainLoop ( input_thread_t p_input,
bool  b_interactive 

◆ MainLoopDemux()

static void MainLoopDemux ( input_thread_t p_input,
bool *  pb_changed 

◆ MainLoopStatistics()

static void MainLoopStatistics ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ MainLoopTryRepeat()

static int MainLoopTryRepeat ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ MRLSections()

static void MRLSections ( const char *  p,
int *  pi_title_start,
int *  pi_title_end,
int *  pi_chapter_start,
int *  pi_chapter_end 

References MRLSeekPoint(), and p.

Referenced by InputDemuxNew(), and InputStreamHandleAnchor().

◆ MRLSeekPoint()

static const char* MRLSeekPoint ( const char *  str,
int *  title,
int *  chapter 

Referenced by MRLSections().

◆ Preparse()

static void * Preparse ( void *  data)

◆ RequestSubRate()

static void RequestSubRate ( input_thread_t p_input,
float  f_slave_fps 

◆ Run()

static void * Run ( void *  data)

◆ SetSubtitlesOptions()

static void SetSubtitlesOptions ( input_thread_t p_input)

Referenced by Init().

◆ SlaveCompare()

static int SlaveCompare ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

References input_item_slave::i_priority.

Referenced by LoadSlaves().

◆ SlaveDemux()

static void SlaveDemux ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ SlaveExists()

static bool SlaveExists ( input_item_slave_t **  pp_slaves,
int  i_slaves,
const char *  psz_uri 

Referenced by LoadSlaves().

◆ SlaveSeek()

static void SlaveSeek ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ StartTitle()

static void StartTitle ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ UpdateGenericFromDemux()

static void UpdateGenericFromDemux ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ UpdatePtsDelay()

static void UpdatePtsDelay ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ UpdateTitleListfromDemux()

static void UpdateTitleListfromDemux ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ UpdateTitleSeekpoint()

static int UpdateTitleSeekpoint ( input_thread_t p_input,
int  i_title,
int  i_seekpoint 

◆ UpdateTitleSeekpointFromDemux()

static int UpdateTitleSeekpointFromDemux ( input_thread_t p_input)

◆ ViewpointApply()

static void ViewpointApply ( input_thread_t p_input)