VLC 4.0.0-dev
preparser.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_preparser_t
struct  task


static void RunnableRun (void *)
static struct taskTaskNew (vlc_preparser_t *preparser, input_item_t *item, input_item_meta_request_option_t options, const struct vlc_metadata_cbs *cbs, void *userdata, void *id, vlc_tick_t timeout)
static void TaskDelete (struct task *task)
static void PreparserAddTask (vlc_preparser_t *preparser, struct task *task)
static void PreparserRemoveTask (vlc_preparser_t *preparser, struct task *task)
static void NotifyPreparseEnded (struct task *task, bool art_fetched)
static void OnParserEnded (input_item_t *item, int status, void *task_)
static void OnParserSubtreeAdded (input_item_t *item, input_item_node_t *subtree, void *task_)
static void OnArtFetchEnded (input_item_t *item, bool fetched, void *userdata)
static void Parse (struct task *task, vlc_tick_t deadline)
static int Fetch (struct task *task)
static void Interrupt (struct task *task)
vlc_preparser_tvlc_preparser_New (vlc_object_t *parent)
 This function creates the preparser object and thread. More...
int vlc_preparser_Push (vlc_preparser_t *preparser, input_item_t *item, input_item_meta_request_option_t i_options, const struct vlc_metadata_cbs *cbs, void *cbs_userdata, int timeout_ms, void *id)
 This function enqueues the provided item to be preparsed or fetched. More...
void vlc_preparser_Cancel (vlc_preparser_t *preparser, void *id)
 This function cancel all preparsing requests for a given id. More...
void vlc_preparser_Deactivate (vlc_preparser_t *preparser)
 This function deactivates the preparser. More...
void vlc_preparser_Delete (vlc_preparser_t *preparser)
 This function destroys the preparser object and thread. More...


static const input_fetcher_callbacks_t input_fetcher_callbacks

Function Documentation

◆ Fetch()

◆ Interrupt()

static void Interrupt ( struct task task)

◆ NotifyPreparseEnded()

static void NotifyPreparseEnded ( struct task task,
bool  art_fetched 

◆ OnArtFetchEnded()

static void OnArtFetchEnded ( input_item_t item,
bool  fetched,
void *  userdata 

◆ OnParserEnded()

static void OnParserEnded ( input_item_t item,
int  status,
void *  task_ 

◆ OnParserSubtreeAdded()

static void OnParserSubtreeAdded ( input_item_t item,
input_item_node_t subtree,
void *  task_ 

References task::cbs, task::item, task::userdata, and VLC_UNUSED.

Referenced by Parse().

◆ Parse()

◆ PreparserAddTask()

static void PreparserAddTask ( vlc_preparser_t preparser,
struct task task 

◆ PreparserRemoveTask()

static void PreparserRemoveTask ( vlc_preparser_t preparser,
struct task task 

◆ RunnableRun()

◆ TaskDelete()

static void TaskDelete ( struct task task)

◆ TaskNew()

Variable Documentation

◆ input_fetcher_callbacks

const input_fetcher_callbacks_t input_fetcher_callbacks
Initial value:
= {
.on_art_fetch_ended = OnArtFetchEnded,
static void OnArtFetchEnded(input_item_t *item, bool fetched, void *userdata)
Definition: preparser.c:175

Referenced by Fetch().