VLC  4.0.0-dev
vlc_input.h File Reference

Input thread interface. More...

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Data Structures

struct  seekpoint_t
struct  input_title_t
struct  input_attachment_t


#define INPUT_TITLE_MENU   0x01 /* Menu title */
#define INPUT_TITLE_INTERACTIVE   0x02 /* Interactive title. Playback position has no meaning. */
#define INPUT_TITLE_MAIN   0x04 /* Main title */
#define INPUT_RATE_MIN   0.03125f
 Input rate. More...
#define INPUT_RATE_MAX   31.25f
 Maximal rate value. More...


typedef struct input_resource_t input_resource_t
typedef struct input_title_t input_title_t


static seekpoint_tvlc_seekpoint_New (void)
static void vlc_seekpoint_Delete (seekpoint_t *point)
static seekpoint_tvlc_seekpoint_Duplicate (const seekpoint_t *src)
static input_title_tvlc_input_title_New (void)
static void vlc_input_title_Delete (input_title_t *t)
static input_title_tvlc_input_title_Duplicate (const input_title_t *t)
void vlc_input_attachment_Release (input_attachment_t *a)
input_attachment_tvlc_input_attachment_New (const char *psz_name, const char *psz_mime, const char *psz_description, const void *p_data, size_t i_data)
input_attachment_tvlc_input_attachment_Hold (input_attachment_t *a)

Detailed Description

Input thread interface.