VLC 4.0.0-dev
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Input thread. More...

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 Ancillary that can be attached to any vlc_frame_t or picture_t.
 Blocks of binary data.
 Audio, video and text decoders.
 Decoder hardware device
 Demultiplexers (file format parsers)
 ES output
 Elementary streams output.
 Frames of binary data.
 Media source
 VLC Player API.
 Buffered input byte streams.
 Stream Extractor
 If a stream can be viewed as a directory, such as when opening a compressed archive, a stream-extractor is used to get access to the entities inside said stream.
 Timestamps, error-free
 These functions support generating timestamps without long term rounding errors due to sample rate conversions.


file  vlc_input.h
 Input thread interface.

Data Structures

struct  seekpoint_t
struct  input_title_t
struct  input_attachment_t


#define INPUT_TITLE_MENU   0x01 /* Menu title */
#define INPUT_TITLE_INTERACTIVE   0x02 /* Interactive title. Playback position has no meaning. */
#define INPUT_TITLE_MAIN   0x04 /* Main title */
#define INPUT_RATE_MIN   0.03125f
 Input rate.
#define INPUT_RATE_MAX   31.25f
 Maximal rate value.


typedef struct input_resource_t input_resource_t
typedef struct input_title_t input_title_t


static seekpoint_tvlc_seekpoint_New (void)
static void vlc_seekpoint_Delete (seekpoint_t *point)
static seekpoint_tvlc_seekpoint_Duplicate (const seekpoint_t *src)
static input_title_tvlc_input_title_New (void)
static void vlc_input_title_Delete (input_title_t *t)
static input_title_tvlc_input_title_Duplicate (const input_title_t *t)
void vlc_input_attachment_Release (input_attachment_t *a)
input_attachment_tvlc_input_attachment_New (const char *psz_name, const char *psz_mime, const char *psz_description, const void *p_data, size_t i_data)
input_attachment_tvlc_input_attachment_Hold (input_attachment_t *a)

Detailed Description

Input thread.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define INPUT_RATE_MAX   31.25f

Maximal rate value.


#define INPUT_RATE_MIN   0.03125f

Input rate.

It is an float used by the variable "rate" in the range [INPUT_RATE_MIN, INPUT_RATE_MAX] the default value being 1.f. It represents the ratio of playback speed to nominal speed (bigger is faster). Minimal rate value


#define INPUT_TITLE_INTERACTIVE   0x02 /* Interactive title. Playback position has no meaning. */


#define INPUT_TITLE_MAIN   0x04 /* Main title */


#define INPUT_TITLE_MENU   0x01 /* Menu title */

Typedef Documentation

◆ input_resource_t

◆ input_title_t

typedef struct input_title_t input_title_t

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_input_attachment_Hold()

input_attachment_t * vlc_input_attachment_Hold ( input_attachment_t a)

◆ vlc_input_attachment_New()

input_attachment_t * vlc_input_attachment_New ( const char *  psz_name,
const char *  psz_mime,
const char *  psz_description,
const void *  p_data,
size_t  i_data 

◆ vlc_input_attachment_Release()

◆ vlc_input_title_Delete()

static void vlc_input_title_Delete ( input_title_t t)

◆ vlc_input_title_Duplicate()

◆ vlc_input_title_New()

◆ vlc_seekpoint_Delete()

static void vlc_seekpoint_Delete ( seekpoint_t point)

◆ vlc_seekpoint_Duplicate()

static seekpoint_t * vlc_seekpoint_Duplicate ( const seekpoint_t src)

◆ vlc_seekpoint_New()

static seekpoint_t * vlc_seekpoint_New ( void  )