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item.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  input_item_opaque
struct  item_type_entry
struct  input_item_parser_id_t
struct  rdh_slave
struct  rdh_dir


static enum input_item_type_e GuessType (const input_item_t *p_item, bool *p_net)
void input_item_SetPreparsed (input_item_t *p_i)
void input_item_SetArtNotFound (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_not_found)
void input_item_SetArtFetched (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_art_fetched)
void input_item_SetMeta (input_item_t *p_i, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type, const char *psz_val)
void input_item_SetMetaExtra (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_name, const char *psz_value)
void input_item_CopyOptions (input_item_t *p_child, input_item_t *p_parent)
bool input_item_MetaMatch (input_item_t *p_i, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type, const char *psz)
const char * input_item_GetMetaLocked (input_item_t *item, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type)
char * input_item_GetMeta (input_item_t *p_i, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type)
static const char * input_item_GetMetaExtraLocked (input_item_t *item, const char *psz_name)
char * input_item_GetMetaExtra (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_name)
unsigned input_item_GetMetaExtraNames (input_item_t *p_i, char ***pppsz_names)
char * input_item_GetTitleFbName (input_item_t *p_item)
char * input_item_GetName (input_item_t *p_item)
void input_item_SetName (input_item_t *p_item, const char *psz_name)
char * input_item_GetURI (input_item_t *p_i)
void input_item_SetURI (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_uri)
vlc_tick_t input_item_GetDuration (input_item_t *p_i)
void input_item_SetDuration (input_item_t *p_i, vlc_tick_t i_duration)
char * input_item_GetNowPlayingFb (input_item_t *p_item)
bool input_item_IsPreparsed (input_item_t *p_item)
bool input_item_IsArtFetched (input_item_t *p_item)
bool input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems (input_item_t *p_item)
input_item_tinput_item_Hold (input_item_t *p_item)
 Holds an input item, i.e.
void input_item_Release (input_item_t *p_item)
 Releases an input item, i.e.
int input_item_AddOption (input_item_t *p_input, const char *psz_option, unsigned flags)
 This function allows to add an option to an existing input_item_t.
int input_item_AddOptions (input_item_t *p_item, int i_options, const char *const *ppsz_options, unsigned i_flags)
 This function add several options to an existing input_item_t.
int input_item_AddOpaque (input_item_t *item, const char *name, void *value)
void input_item_ApplyOptions (vlc_object_t *obj, input_item_t *item)
static int bsearch_strcmp_cb (const void *a, const void *b)
static bool input_item_IsMaster (const char *psz_filename)
bool input_item_slave_GetType (const char *psz_filename, enum slave_type *p_slave_type)
input_item_slave_tinput_item_slave_New (const char *psz_uri, enum slave_type i_type, enum slave_priority i_priority)
int input_item_AddSlave (input_item_t *p_item, input_item_slave_t *p_slave)
 This function allows adding a slave to an existing input item.
static info_category_tInputItemFindCat (input_item_t *p_item, const char *psz_cat)
bool input_item_Playable (const char *psz_filename)
 This function checks whether the input item is of a type that can be played.
char * input_item_GetInfo (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_cat, const char *psz_name)
 Get a info item from a given category in a given input item.
char * input_item_GetInfoLocked (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_cat, const char *psz_name)
static int InputItemVaAddInfo (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_cat, const char *psz_name, const char *psz_format, va_list args)
int input_item_AddInfo (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_cat, const char *psz_name, const char *psz_format,...)
int input_item_DelInfo (input_item_t *p_i, const char *psz_cat, const char *psz_name)
void input_item_ReplaceInfos (input_item_t *p_item, info_category_t *p_cat)
void input_item_MergeInfos (input_item_t *p_item, info_category_t *p_cat)
void input_item_SetEpgEvent (input_item_t *p_item, const vlc_epg_event_t *p_epg_evt)
void input_item_SetEpg (input_item_t *p_item, const vlc_epg_t *p_update, bool b_current_source)
void input_item_ChangeEPGSource (input_item_t *p_item, int i_source_id)
void input_item_SetEpgTime (input_item_t *p_item, int64_t i_time)
void input_item_SetEpgOffline (input_item_t *p_item)
input_item_tinput_item_NewExt (const char *psz_uri, const char *psz_name, vlc_tick_t duration, enum input_item_type_e type, enum input_item_net_type i_net)
 This function creates a new input_item_t with the provided information.
input_item_tinput_item_Copy (input_item_t *p_input)
 This function creates a new input_item_t as a copy of another.
static int typecmp (const void *key, const void *entry)
input_item_node_tinput_item_node_Create (input_item_t *p_input)
 Start adding multiple subitems.
void input_item_node_Delete (input_item_node_t *p_node)
 Delete a node created with input_item_node_Create() and all its children.
input_item_node_tinput_item_node_AppendItem (input_item_node_t *p_node, input_item_t *p_item)
 Add a new child node to this parent node that will point to this subitem.
void input_item_node_AppendNode (input_item_node_t *p_parent, input_item_node_t *p_child)
 Add an already created node to children of this parent node.
void input_item_node_RemoveNode (input_item_node_t *parent, input_item_node_t *child)
 Remove a node from its parent.
void input_item_UpdateTracksInfo (input_item_t *item, const es_format_t *fmt, const char *es_id, bool es_id_stable)
char * input_item_CreateFilename (input_item_t *item, const char *dir, const char *filenamefmt, const char *ext)
 This function creates a sane filename path.
static void input_item_parser_InputEvent (input_thread_t *input, const struct vlc_input_event *event, void *parser_)
input_item_parser_id_tinput_item_Parse (input_item_t *item, vlc_object_t *obj, const input_item_parser_cbs_t *cbs, void *userdata)
 Parse an item asynchronously.
void input_item_parser_id_Interrupt (input_item_parser_id_t *parser)
 Interrupts & cancels the parsing.
void input_item_parser_id_Release (input_item_parser_id_t *parser)
 Release (and interrupt if needed) a parser.
static int rdh_compar_type (input_item_t *p1, input_item_t *p2)
static int rdh_compar_filename (const void *a, const void *b)
static void rdh_sort (input_item_node_t *p_node)
static bool rdh_file_has_ext (const char *psz_filename, const char *psz_ignored_exts)
 Does the provided file name has one of the extension provided ?
static bool rdh_file_is_ignored (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, const char *psz_filename)
static char * rdh_name_from_filename (const char *psz_filename)
static uint8_t rdh_get_slave_priority (input_item_t *p_item, input_item_slave_t *p_slave, const char *psz_slave_filename)
static int rdh_should_match_idx (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, struct rdh_slave *p_rdh_sub)
static void rdh_attach_slaves (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, input_item_node_t *p_parent_node)
static int rdh_unflatten (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, input_item_node_t **pp_node, const char *psz_path, int i_net)
void vlc_readdir_helper_init (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, vlc_object_t *p_obj, input_item_node_t *p_node)
 Init a vlc_readdir_helper struct.
void vlc_readdir_helper_finish (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, bool b_success)
 Finish adding items to the node.
int vlc_readdir_helper_additem (struct vlc_readdir_helper *p_rdh, const char *psz_uri, const char *psz_flatpath, const char *psz_filename, int i_type, int i_net, input_item_t **restrict created_item)

Function Documentation

◆ bsearch_strcmp_cb()

static int bsearch_strcmp_cb ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

◆ GuessType()

◆ input_item_AddInfo()

int input_item_AddInfo ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_cat,
const char *  psz_name,
const char *  psz_format,

◆ input_item_AddOpaque()

int input_item_AddOpaque ( input_item_t item,
const char *  name,
void *  value 

◆ input_item_AddOption()

int input_item_AddOption ( input_item_t p_input,
const char *  psz_option,
unsigned  flags 

◆ input_item_AddOptions()

int input_item_AddOptions ( input_item_t p_item,
int  i_options,
const char *const *  ppsz_options,
unsigned  i_flags 

This function add several options to an existing input_item_t.

References input_item_AddOption(), and VLC_SUCCESS.

Referenced by add_to_playlist(), and intf_InsertItem().

◆ input_item_AddSlave()

int input_item_AddSlave ( input_item_t p_item,
input_item_slave_t p_slave 

This function allows adding a slave to an existing input item.

The slave is owned by the input item after this call.

References input_item_slave::i_priority, input_item_t::i_slaves, input_item_t::lock, input_item_t::pp_slaves, SLAVE_PRIORITY_MATCH_NONE, TAB_APPEND, VLC_EGENERIC, vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), and VLC_SUCCESS.

Referenced by Control(), LoadSlaves(), and rdh_attach_slaves().

◆ input_item_ApplyOptions()

◆ input_item_ChangeEPGSource()

◆ input_item_Copy()

◆ input_item_CopyOptions()

◆ input_item_CreateFilename()

char * input_item_CreateFilename ( input_item_t item,
const char *  dir,
const char *  filenamefmt,
const char *  ext 

This function creates a sane filename path.

References asprintf(), DIR_SEP, filename_sanitize(), str_format(), and unlikely.

Referenced by EsOutSetRecord().

◆ input_item_DelInfo()

◆ input_item_GetDuration()

◆ input_item_GetInfo()

char * input_item_GetInfo ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_cat,
const char *  psz_name 

Get a info item from a given category in a given input item.

p_iThe input item to get info from
psz_catString representing the category for the info
psz_nameString representing the name of the desired info
A pointer to the string with the given info if found, or an empty string otherwise. The caller should free the returned pointer.

References input_item_GetInfoLocked(), input_item_t::lock, psz_name, vlc_mutex_lock(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by input_FindArtInCacheUsingItemUID(), and input_SaveArt().

◆ input_item_GetInfoLocked()

char * input_item_GetInfoLocked ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_cat,
const char *  psz_name 

◆ input_item_GetMeta()

◆ input_item_GetMetaExtra()

char * input_item_GetMetaExtra ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_name 

◆ input_item_GetMetaExtraLocked()

static const char * input_item_GetMetaExtraLocked ( input_item_t item,
const char *  psz_name 

◆ input_item_GetMetaExtraNames()

unsigned input_item_GetMetaExtraNames ( input_item_t p_i,
char ***  pppsz_names 

◆ input_item_GetMetaLocked()

const char * input_item_GetMetaLocked ( input_item_t item,
vlc_meta_type_t  meta_type 

◆ input_item_GetName()

◆ input_item_GetNowPlayingFb()

char * input_item_GetNowPlayingFb ( input_item_t p_item)

◆ input_item_GetTitleFbName()

◆ input_item_GetURI()

◆ input_item_Hold()

◆ input_item_IsArtFetched()

◆ input_item_IsMaster()

static bool input_item_IsMaster ( const char *  psz_filename)

◆ input_item_IsPreparsed()

◆ input_item_MergeInfos()

◆ input_item_MetaMatch()

bool input_item_MetaMatch ( input_item_t p_i,
vlc_meta_type_t  meta_type,
const char *  psz 

◆ input_item_NewExt()

◆ input_item_node_AppendItem()

input_item_node_t * input_item_node_AppendItem ( input_item_node_t p_node,
input_item_t p_item 

◆ input_item_node_AppendNode()

void input_item_node_AppendNode ( input_item_node_t p_parent,
input_item_node_t p_child 

Add an already created node to children of this parent node.

References input_item_node_t::i_children, input_item_node_t::pp_children, and TAB_APPEND.

Referenced by input_item_node_AppendItem(), and vlc_media_tree_AddChild().

◆ input_item_node_Create()

input_item_node_t * input_item_node_Create ( input_item_t p_input)

Start adding multiple subitems.

Create a root node to hold a tree of subitems for given item

References input_item_node_t::i_children, input_item_Hold(), input_item_node_t::p_item, and input_item_node_t::pp_children.

Referenced by demux_Demux(), input_item_node_AppendItem(), and vlc_media_tree_AddChild().

◆ input_item_node_Delete()

◆ input_item_node_RemoveNode()

void input_item_node_RemoveNode ( input_item_node_t parent,
input_item_node_t child 

Remove a node from its parent.

References input_item_node_t::i_children, input_item_node_t::pp_children, and TAB_REMOVE.

Referenced by rdh_attach_slaves(), and vlc_media_tree_Remove().

◆ input_item_Parse()

input_item_parser_id_t * input_item_Parse ( input_item_t item,
vlc_object_t parent,
const input_item_parser_cbs_t cbs,
void *  userdata 

Parse an item asynchronously.

The parsing is done asynchronously. The user can call input_item_parser_id_Interrupt() before receiving the on_ended() event in order to interrupt it.
itemthe item to parse
parentthe parent obj
cbscallbacks to be notified of the end of the parsing
userdataopaque data used by parser callbacks
a parser instance or NULL in case of error, the parser needs to be released with input_item_parser_id_Release()

References input_item_parser_id_t::cbs, INIT_S, input_item_parser_id_t::input, input_Close(), input_Create, input_item_parser_InputEvent(), input_Start(), INPUT_TYPE_PREPARSING, input_item_parser_cbs_t::on_ended, input_item_parser_id_t::state, and input_item_parser_id_t::userdata.

Referenced by Parse().

◆ input_item_parser_id_Interrupt()

void input_item_parser_id_Interrupt ( input_item_parser_id_t parser)

Interrupts & cancels the parsing.

The parser still needs to be released with input_item_parser_id_Release afterward.
Calling this function will cause the on_ended callback to be invoked.
parserthe parser to interrupt

References input_item_parser_id_t::input, and input_Stop().

Referenced by input_item_parser_id_Release().

◆ input_item_parser_id_Release()

void input_item_parser_id_Release ( input_item_parser_id_t parser)

Release (and interrupt if needed) a parser.

parserthe parser returned by input_item_Parse

References input_item_parser_id_t::input, input_Close(), and input_item_parser_id_Interrupt().

Referenced by Parse().

◆ input_item_parser_InputEvent()

◆ input_item_Playable()

bool input_item_Playable ( const char *  psz_filename)

This function checks whether the input item is of a type that can be played.

It does this by checking the extension of the input item.

References input_item_IsMaster(), and input_item_slave_GetType().

◆ input_item_Release()

◆ input_item_ReplaceInfos()

◆ input_item_SetArtFetched()

void input_item_SetArtFetched ( input_item_t p_i,
bool  b_art_fetched 

◆ input_item_SetArtNotFound()

void input_item_SetArtNotFound ( input_item_t p_i,
bool  b_not_found 

◆ input_item_SetDuration()

void input_item_SetDuration ( input_item_t p_i,
vlc_tick_t  i_duration 

◆ input_item_SetEpg()

◆ input_item_SetEpgEvent()

◆ input_item_SetEpgOffline()

◆ input_item_SetEpgTime()

void input_item_SetEpgTime ( input_item_t p_item,
int64_t  i_time 

◆ input_item_SetMeta()

void input_item_SetMeta ( input_item_t p_i,
vlc_meta_type_t  meta_type,
const char *  psz_val 

◆ input_item_SetMetaExtra()

void input_item_SetMetaExtra ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_name,
const char *  psz_value 

◆ input_item_SetName()

void input_item_SetName ( input_item_t p_item,
const char *  psz_name 

◆ input_item_SetPreparsed()

◆ input_item_SetURI()

◆ input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems()

bool input_item_ShouldPreparseSubItems ( input_item_t p_item)

◆ input_item_slave_GetType()

bool input_item_slave_GetType ( const char *  psz_filename,
enum slave_type p_slave_type 

◆ input_item_slave_New()

◆ input_item_UpdateTracksInfo()

◆ InputItemFindCat()

◆ InputItemVaAddInfo()

static int InputItemVaAddInfo ( input_item_t p_i,
const char *  psz_cat,
const char *  psz_name,
const char *  psz_format,
va_list  args 

◆ rdh_attach_slaves()

◆ rdh_compar_filename()

static int rdh_compar_filename ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

◆ rdh_compar_type()

static int rdh_compar_type ( input_item_t p1,
input_item_t p2 

◆ rdh_file_has_ext()

static bool rdh_file_has_ext ( const char *  psz_filename,
const char *  psz_ignored_exts 

Does the provided file name has one of the extension provided ?

Referenced by rdh_file_is_ignored().

◆ rdh_file_is_ignored()

static bool rdh_file_is_ignored ( struct vlc_readdir_helper p_rdh,
const char *  psz_filename 

◆ rdh_get_slave_priority()

◆ rdh_name_from_filename()

static char * rdh_name_from_filename ( const char *  psz_filename)

References psz_name, and strdup().

Referenced by rdh_get_slave_priority().

◆ rdh_should_match_idx()

static int rdh_should_match_idx ( struct vlc_readdir_helper p_rdh,
struct rdh_slave p_rdh_sub 

◆ rdh_sort()

◆ rdh_unflatten()

◆ typecmp()

static int typecmp ( const void *  key,
const void *  entry 

References item_type_entry::psz_scheme.

Referenced by GuessType().

◆ vlc_readdir_helper_additem()

◆ vlc_readdir_helper_finish()

void vlc_readdir_helper_finish ( struct vlc_readdir_helper p_rdh,
bool  b_success 

◆ vlc_readdir_helper_init()