VLC 4.0.0-dev
epg.c File Reference
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static void vlc_epg_event_Clean (vlc_epg_event_t *p_event)
void vlc_epg_event_Delete (vlc_epg_event_t *p_event)
 Releases a vlc_epg_event_t*. More...
static void vlc_epg_event_Init (vlc_epg_event_t *p_event, uint16_t i_id, int64_t i_start, uint32_t i_duration)
vlc_epg_event_tvlc_epg_event_New (uint16_t i_id, int64_t i_start, uint32_t i_duration)
 Creates a new vlc_epg_event_t*. More...
vlc_epg_event_tvlc_epg_event_Duplicate (const vlc_epg_event_t *p_src)
 Returns a vlc_epg_event_t * duplicated from p_src. More...
static void vlc_epg_Init (vlc_epg_t *p_epg, uint32_t i_id, uint16_t i_source_id)
static void vlc_epg_Clean (vlc_epg_t *p_epg)
bool vlc_epg_AddEvent (vlc_epg_t *p_epg, vlc_epg_event_t *p_evt)
 It appends a new vlc_epg_event_t to a vlc_epg_t. More...
vlc_epg_tvlc_epg_New (uint32_t i_id, uint16_t i_source_id)
 It creates a new vlc_epg_t*. More...
void vlc_epg_Delete (vlc_epg_t *p_epg)
 It releases a vlc_epg_t*. More...
void vlc_epg_SetCurrent (vlc_epg_t *p_epg, int64_t i_start)
 It set the current event of a vlc_epg_t given a start time. More...
vlc_epg_tvlc_epg_Duplicate (const vlc_epg_t *p_src)
 Returns a duplicated p_src and its associated events. More...

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_epg_AddEvent()

bool vlc_epg_AddEvent ( vlc_epg_t p_epg,
vlc_epg_event_t p_evt 

It appends a new vlc_epg_event_t to a vlc_epg_t.

Takes ownership of p_evt or returns false

p_evt a vlc_epg_event_t * created with vlc_epg_event_New.

References vlc_epg_t::i_event, vlc_epg_event_t::i_start, vlc_epg_t::p_current, vlc_epg_t::pp_event, TAB_APPEND, TAB_INSERT, and vlc_epg_event_Delete().

Referenced by vout_OSDEpg().

◆ vlc_epg_Clean()

static void vlc_epg_Clean ( vlc_epg_t p_epg)

◆ vlc_epg_Delete()

void vlc_epg_Delete ( vlc_epg_t p_epg)

It releases a vlc_epg_t*.

References vlc_epg_Clean().

Referenced by CmdCleanControl(), input_item_Release(), input_item_SetEpg(), OSDEpgDestroy(), and vout_OSDEpg().

◆ vlc_epg_Duplicate()

◆ vlc_epg_event_Clean()

◆ vlc_epg_event_Delete()

void vlc_epg_event_Delete ( vlc_epg_event_t p_event)

◆ vlc_epg_event_Duplicate()

◆ vlc_epg_event_Init()

static void vlc_epg_event_Init ( vlc_epg_event_t p_event,
uint16_t  i_id,
int64_t  i_start,
uint32_t  i_duration 

◆ vlc_epg_event_New()

vlc_epg_event_t * vlc_epg_event_New ( uint16_t  i_id,
int64_t  i_start,
uint32_t  i_duration 

Creates a new vlc_epg_event_t*.

You must call vlc_epg_event_Delete to release the associated resources.

i_id is the event unique id i_start start in epoch time i_duration event duration in seconds

References vlc_epg_event_Init().

Referenced by vlc_epg_event_Duplicate().

◆ vlc_epg_Init()

static void vlc_epg_Init ( vlc_epg_t p_epg,
uint32_t  i_id,
uint16_t  i_source_id 

◆ vlc_epg_New()

vlc_epg_t * vlc_epg_New ( uint32_t  i_id,
uint16_t  i_source_id 

It creates a new vlc_epg_t*.

You must call vlc_epg_Delete to release the associated resource.

i_id is computed unique id depending on standard (table id, eit number) i_source_id is the associated program number

References vlc_epg_Init().

Referenced by vlc_epg_Duplicate(), and vout_OSDEpg().

◆ vlc_epg_SetCurrent()

void vlc_epg_SetCurrent ( vlc_epg_t p_epg,
int64_t  i_start 

It set the current event of a vlc_epg_t given a start time.

References vlc_epg_t::i_event, vlc_epg_event_t::i_start, vlc_epg_t::p_current, and vlc_epg_t::pp_event.

Referenced by vout_OSDEpg().