VLC  4.0.0-dev
input_interface.h File Reference
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void input_item_SetPreparsed (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_preparsed)
void input_item_SetArtNotFound (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_not_found)
void input_item_SetArtFetched (input_item_t *p_i, bool b_art_fetched)
void input_item_SetEpg (input_item_t *p_item, const vlc_epg_t *p_epg, bool)
void input_item_ChangeEPGSource (input_item_t *p_item, int i_source_id)
void input_item_SetEpgEvent (input_item_t *p_item, const vlc_epg_event_t *p_epg_evt)
void input_item_SetEpgTime (input_item_t *, int64_t)
void input_item_SetEpgOffline (input_item_t *)
void input_resource_TerminateSout (input_resource_t *p_resource)
 This function deletes the current sout in the resources. More...

Function Documentation

◆ input_item_ChangeEPGSource()

◆ input_item_SetArtFetched()

void input_item_SetArtFetched ( input_item_t p_i,
bool  b_art_fetched 

◆ input_item_SetArtNotFound()

void input_item_SetArtNotFound ( input_item_t p_i,
bool  b_not_found 

◆ input_item_SetEpg()

◆ input_item_SetEpgEvent()

◆ input_item_SetEpgOffline()

◆ input_item_SetEpgTime()

void input_item_SetEpgTime ( input_item_t p_item,
int64_t  i_time 

◆ input_item_SetPreparsed()

◆ input_resource_TerminateSout()

void input_resource_TerminateSout ( input_resource_t p_resource)

This function deletes the current sout in the resources.

References DestroySout(), input_resource_t::lock, vlc_mutex_lock(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by input_resource_PutSout(), and vlc_player_destructor_Thread().