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meta.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_meta_t


const char * vlc_meta_TypeToString (vlc_meta_type_t meta_type)
const char * vlc_meta_TypeToLocalizedString (vlc_meta_type_t meta_type)
 Returns a localizes string describing the meta.
vlc_meta_tvlc_meta_New (void)
 vlc_meta constructor.
static void vlc_meta_FreeExtraKey (void *p_data, void *p_obj)
void vlc_meta_Delete (vlc_meta_t *m)
void vlc_meta_Set (vlc_meta_t *p_meta, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type, const char *psz_val)
 vlc_meta has two kinds of meta, the one in a table, and the one in a dictionary.
const char * vlc_meta_Get (const vlc_meta_t *p_meta, vlc_meta_type_t meta_type)
void vlc_meta_SetExtra (vlc_meta_t *m, const char *psz_name, const char *psz_value)
 set the meta extra
const char * vlc_meta_GetExtra (const vlc_meta_t *m, const char *psz_name)
unsigned vlc_meta_GetExtraCount (const vlc_meta_t *m)
char ** vlc_meta_CopyExtraNames (const vlc_meta_t *m)
 Allocate a copy of all extra meta names and a table with it.
int vlc_meta_GetStatus (vlc_meta_t *m)
 vlc_meta status (see vlc_meta_status_e)
void vlc_meta_SetStatus (vlc_meta_t *m, int status)
void vlc_meta_Merge (vlc_meta_t *dst, const vlc_meta_t *src)
 Merging meta.
void input_ExtractAttachmentAndCacheArt (input_thread_t *p_input, const char *name)
int input_item_WriteMeta (vlc_object_t *obj, input_item_t *p_item)
void vlc_audio_replay_gain_MergeFromMeta (audio_replay_gain_t *p_dst, const vlc_meta_t *p_meta)

Function Documentation

◆ input_ExtractAttachmentAndCacheArt()

◆ input_item_WriteMeta()

◆ vlc_audio_replay_gain_MergeFromMeta()

◆ vlc_meta_CopyExtraNames()

char ** vlc_meta_CopyExtraNames ( const vlc_meta_t m)

Allocate a copy of all extra meta names and a table with it.

Be sure to free both the returned pointers and its name.

References vlc_meta_t::extra_tags, and vlc_dictionary_all_keys().

Referenced by EsOutProgramMeta(), EsOutUpdateInfo(), and input_item_GetMetaExtraNames().

◆ vlc_meta_Delete()

◆ vlc_meta_FreeExtraKey()

static void vlc_meta_FreeExtraKey ( void *  p_data,
void *  p_obj 

◆ vlc_meta_Get()

◆ vlc_meta_GetExtra()

const char * vlc_meta_GetExtra ( const vlc_meta_t m,
const char *  psz_name 

◆ vlc_meta_GetExtraCount()

unsigned vlc_meta_GetExtraCount ( const vlc_meta_t m)

◆ vlc_meta_GetStatus()

int vlc_meta_GetStatus ( vlc_meta_t m)

◆ vlc_meta_Merge()

◆ vlc_meta_New()

◆ vlc_meta_Set()

void vlc_meta_Set ( vlc_meta_t p_meta,
vlc_meta_type_t  meta_type,
const char *  psz_val 

vlc_meta has two kinds of meta, the one in a table, and the one in a dictionary.

FIXME - Why don't we merge those two?

References IsUTF8(), vlc_meta_t::ppsz_meta, and strdup().

Referenced by EsOutProgramEpg(), input_item_SetMeta(), and InputMetaUser().

◆ vlc_meta_SetExtra()

void vlc_meta_SetExtra ( vlc_meta_t m,
const char *  psz_name,
const char *  psz_value 

set the meta extra

psz_namemeta extra name (nonnullable)
psz_valuemeta extra value (nullable) Removed from meta extra if set to NULL

References vlc_meta_t::extra_tags, kVLCDictionaryNotFound, psz_name, psz_value, strdup(), vlc_dictionary_insert(), vlc_dictionary_remove_value_for_key(), vlc_dictionary_value_for_key(), and vlc_meta_FreeExtraKey().

Referenced by input_item_SetMetaExtra().

◆ vlc_meta_SetStatus()

void vlc_meta_SetStatus ( vlc_meta_t m,
int  status 

◆ vlc_meta_TypeToLocalizedString()

const char * vlc_meta_TypeToLocalizedString ( vlc_meta_type_t  meta_type)

Returns a localizes string describing the meta.

References vlc_gettext(), and vlc_meta_TypeToString().

Referenced by EsOutProgramEpg(), and EsOutProgramMeta().

◆ vlc_meta_TypeToString()