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preparse.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  media_vector_t


static void vlc_playlist_CollectChildren (vlc_playlist_t *playlist, media_vector_t *dest, input_item_node_t *node)
int vlc_playlist_ExpandItem (vlc_playlist_t *playlist, size_t index, input_item_node_t *node)
int vlc_playlist_ExpandItemFromNode (vlc_playlist_t *playlist, input_item_node_t *subitems)
static void on_subtree_added (input_item_t *media, input_item_node_t *subtree, void *userdata)
static void on_preparse_ended (input_item_t *media, enum input_item_preparse_status status, void *userdata)
void vlc_playlist_Preparse (vlc_playlist_t *playlist, input_item_t *input)
 Preparse a media, and expand it in the playlist on subitems added. More...
void vlc_playlist_AutoPreparse (vlc_playlist_t *playlist, input_item_t *input)


static const input_preparser_callbacks_t input_preparser_callbacks

Function Documentation

◆ on_preparse_ended()

static void on_preparse_ended ( input_item_t media,
enum input_item_preparse_status  status,
void *  userdata 

◆ on_subtree_added()

static void on_subtree_added ( input_item_t media,
input_item_node_t subtree,
void *  userdata 

◆ vlc_playlist_AutoPreparse()

void vlc_playlist_AutoPreparse ( vlc_playlist_t playlist,
input_item_t input 

◆ vlc_playlist_CollectChildren()

static void vlc_playlist_CollectChildren ( vlc_playlist_t playlist,
media_vector_t dest,
input_item_node_t node 

◆ vlc_playlist_ExpandItem()

int vlc_playlist_ExpandItem ( vlc_playlist_t playlist,
size_t  index,
input_item_node_t node 

◆ vlc_playlist_ExpandItemFromNode()

int vlc_playlist_ExpandItemFromNode ( vlc_playlist_t playlist,
input_item_node_t subitems 

Variable Documentation

◆ input_preparser_callbacks

const input_preparser_callbacks_t input_preparser_callbacks
Initial value:
= {
.on_preparse_ended = on_preparse_ended,
.on_subtree_added = on_subtree_added,
static void on_preparse_ended(input_item_t *media, enum input_item_preparse_status status, void *userdata)
Definition: preparse.c:92
static void on_subtree_added(input_item_t *media, input_item_node_t *subtree, void *userdata)
Definition: preparse.c:80

Referenced by vlc_playlist_Preparse().