VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_playlist Struct Reference
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Data Fields

bool auto_preparse
struct vlc_player_listener_idplayer_listener
playlist_item_vector_t items
struct randomizer randomizer
ssize_t current
bool has_prev
bool has_next
struct vlc_list listeners
 list of vlc_playlist_listener_id.node More...
enum vlc_playlist_playback_repeat repeat
enum vlc_playlist_playback_order order
uint64_t idgen

Field Documentation

◆ auto_preparse

bool vlc_playlist::auto_preparse

◆ current

ssize_t vlc_playlist::current

◆ has_next

bool vlc_playlist::has_next

◆ has_prev

bool vlc_playlist::has_prev

◆ idgen

uint64_t vlc_playlist::idgen

◆ items

playlist_item_vector_t vlc_playlist::items

◆ libvlc

libvlc_int_t* vlc_playlist::libvlc

◆ listeners

struct vlc_list vlc_playlist::listeners

◆ order

enum vlc_playlist_playback_order vlc_playlist::order

◆ player

vlc_player_t* vlc_playlist::player

◆ player_listener

struct vlc_player_listener_id* vlc_playlist::player_listener

◆ randomizer

struct randomizer vlc_playlist::randomizer

◆ repeat

enum vlc_playlist_playback_repeat vlc_playlist::repeat

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