VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields

Playlist helper to manage random playback. More...

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Data Fields

struct {
   size_t   cap
   size_t   size
   vlc_playlist_item_t **   data
unsigned short xsubi [3]
bool loop
size_t head
size_t next
size_t history

Detailed Description

Playlist helper to manage random playback.

See randomizer.c for implementation details.

Field Documentation

◆ cap

size_t randomizer::cap

◆ data

vlc_playlist_item_t* * randomizer::data

◆ head

size_t randomizer::head

◆ history

size_t randomizer::history

◆ items

struct { ... } randomizer::items

◆ loop

bool randomizer::loop

◆ next

size_t randomizer::next

◆ size

size_t randomizer::size

◆ xsubi

unsigned short randomizer::xsubi[3]

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