VLC 4.0.0-dev
vlc_player_t Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

Collaboration diagram for vlc_player_t:

Data Fields

struct vlc_object_t obj
vlc_mutex_t lock
vlc_mutex_t metadata_listeners_lock
vlc_mutex_t aout_listeners_lock
vlc_mutex_t vout_listeners_lock
vlc_cond_t start_delay_cond
enum vlc_player_media_stopped_action media_stopped_action
bool start_paused
const struct vlc_player_media_providermedia_provider
void * media_provider_data
bool pause_on_cork
bool corked
struct vlc_list listeners
struct vlc_list metadata_listeners
struct vlc_list aout_listeners
struct vlc_list vout_listeners
struct vlc_player_inputinput
bool releasing_media
bool next_media_requested
char * video_string_ids
char * audio_string_ids
char * sub_string_ids
enum vlc_player_state global_state
bool started
vlc_tick_t last_eos
unsigned eos_burst_count
bool deleting
struct {
   vlc_thread_t   thread
   vlc_cond_t   wait
   vlc_cond_t   notify
   struct vlc_list   inputs
   struct vlc_list   stopping_inputs
   struct vlc_list   joinable_inputs
struct vlc_player_timer timer

Field Documentation

◆ aout_listeners

struct vlc_list vlc_player_t::aout_listeners

◆ aout_listeners_lock

◆ audio_string_ids

◆ corked

bool vlc_player_t::corked

◆ deleting


◆ eos_burst_count

◆ global_state

◆ input

◆ inputs

◆ joinable_inputs

◆ last_eos

vlc_tick_t vlc_player_t::last_eos

◆ listeners

struct vlc_list vlc_player_t::listeners

◆ lock

◆ media

◆ media_provider

const struct vlc_player_media_provider* vlc_player_t::media_provider

◆ media_provider_data

void* vlc_player_t::media_provider_data

◆ media_stopped_action

◆ metadata_listeners

◆ metadata_listeners_lock

◆ next_media

◆ next_media_requested

◆ notify

vlc_cond_t vlc_player_t::notify

◆ obj

struct vlc_object_t vlc_player_t::obj

◆ pause_on_cork

bool vlc_player_t::pause_on_cork

◆ releasing_media

bool vlc_player_t::releasing_media

◆ renderer

◆ resource

◆ start_delay_cond

◆ start_paused

bool vlc_player_t::start_paused

◆ started

◆ stopping_inputs

◆ sub_string_ids

◆ thread

vlc_thread_t vlc_player_t::thread

◆ timer

◆ video_string_ids

◆ vout_listeners

struct vlc_list vlc_player_t::vout_listeners

◆ vout_listeners_lock

◆ wait

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