VLC  4.0.0-dev
aout.c File Reference
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#define vlc_player_aout_SendEvent(player, event, ...)


audio_output_tvlc_player_aout_Hold (vlc_player_t *player)
 Get the audio output. More...
vlc_player_aout_listener_idvlc_player_aout_AddListener (vlc_player_t *player, const struct vlc_player_aout_cbs *cbs, void *cbs_data)
 Add a listener callback for audio output events. More...
void vlc_player_aout_RemoveListener (vlc_player_t *player, vlc_player_aout_listener_id *id)
 Remove a aout listener callback. More...
static int vlc_player_AoutCallback (vlc_object_t *this, const char *var, vlc_value_t oldval, vlc_value_t newval, void *data)
float vlc_player_aout_GetVolume (vlc_player_t *player)
 Get the audio volume. More...
int vlc_player_aout_SetVolume (vlc_player_t *player, float volume)
 Set the audio volume. More...
int vlc_player_aout_IncrementVolume (vlc_player_t *player, int steps, float *result)
 Increment the audio volume. More...
int vlc_player_aout_IsMuted (vlc_player_t *player)
 Check if the audio output is muted. More...
int vlc_player_aout_Mute (vlc_player_t *player, bool mute)
 Mute or unmute the audio output. More...
int vlc_player_aout_EnableFilter (vlc_player_t *player, const char *name, bool add)
 Enable or disable an audio filter. More...
static void vlc_player_aout_AddCallbacks (vlc_player_t *player)
static void vlc_player_aout_DelCallbacks (vlc_player_t *player)
audio_output_tvlc_player_aout_Init (vlc_player_t *player)
void vlc_player_aout_Deinit (vlc_player_t *player)
void vlc_player_aout_Reset (vlc_player_t *player)
 Reset the main audio output. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ vlc_player_aout_SendEvent

#define vlc_player_aout_SendEvent (   player,
do { \
vlc_mutex_lock(&player->aout_listeners_lock); \
vlc_player_aout_listener_id *listener; \
vlc_list_foreach(listener, &player->aout_listeners, node) \
{ \
if (listener->cbs->event) \
listener->cbs->event(__VA_ARGS__, listener->cbs_data); \
} \
vlc_mutex_unlock(&player->aout_listeners_lock); \
} while(0)

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_player_aout_AddCallbacks()

static void vlc_player_aout_AddCallbacks ( vlc_player_t player)

◆ vlc_player_aout_Deinit()

void vlc_player_aout_Deinit ( vlc_player_t player)

◆ vlc_player_aout_DelCallbacks()

static void vlc_player_aout_DelCallbacks ( vlc_player_t player)

◆ vlc_player_aout_Init()

◆ vlc_player_AoutCallback()

static int vlc_player_AoutCallback ( vlc_object_t this,
const char *  var,
vlc_value_t  oldval,
vlc_value_t  newval,
void *  data