VLC  3.0.18
Data Fields
vlc_value_t Union Reference

VLC value structure. More...

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Data Fields

int64_t i_int
bool b_bool
float f_float
char * psz_string
void * p_address
struct {
   int32_t   x
   int32_t   y

Detailed Description

VLC value structure.

Field Documentation

◆ b_bool

bool vlc_value_t::b_bool

◆ coords

struct { ... } vlc_value_t::coords

Referenced by var_Create().

◆ f_float

float vlc_value_t::f_float

◆ i_int

int64_t vlc_value_t::i_int

◆ p_address

void* vlc_value_t::p_address

◆ p_list

vlc_list_t* vlc_value_t::p_list

Referenced by var_Change(), and var_FreeList().

◆ psz_string

char* vlc_value_t::psz_string

◆ x

int32_t vlc_value_t::x

Referenced by var_Create().

◆ y

int32_t vlc_value_t::y

Referenced by var_Create().

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