VLC  4.0.0-dev
Here is a list of all modules:
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 LibVLCLibVLC is the external programming interface of the VLC media player. It is used to embed VLC into other applications or frameworks
 LibVLC playlist (legacy)
 LibVLC core
 LibVLC error handling
 LibVLC asynchronous eventsLibVLC emits asynchronous events
 LibVLC loggingLibvlc_log_* functions provide access to the LibVLC messages log. This is used for logging and debugging
 LibVLC timeThese functions provide access to the LibVLC time/clock
 LibVLC dialog
 LibVLC media
 LibVLC media discovery
 LibVLC media list
 LibVLC media list player
 LibVLC media player
 LibVLC video controls
 LibVLC audio controls
 LibVLC media track
 LibVLC renderer discoverer
 Audio meter API
 VLC plug-in programming interface
 C programming language extensions
 Integer operations
 Linked lists
 In-memory byte streams
 Thread-safe queues (FIFO)
 String helpers
 Operating system
 File system
 Keystore and credential API
 LoggingMessage logs
 Process management
 Threads and synchronization primitives
 Data blocks
 Decoder hardware device
 ES output
 Media source
 Stream Extractor
 Timestamps, error-freeThese functions support generating timestamps without long term rounding errors due to sample rate conversions
 User settings
 VLC dialog
 VLC playlist
 VLC renderer discovery
 Software updates
 VLC objects
 Object resourcesThe object resource functions tie resource allocation to an instance of a module through a VLC object. Such resource will be automatically freed, in first in last out order, when the module instance associated with the VLC object is terminated
 Audio output
 Stream output
 Video output
 Hash functionsAPIs for simple and frequently used hash algorithms in VLC
 Helper functionsFunctions commonly used together with hashing functions
 MD5 hashingAPIs to hash data using the Message-Digest Algorithm 5 (MD5)
 Media Resource Locator (MRL)The MRL-specification is a VLC intrinsic extension to RFC3986, providing means to associate extra media-related information within the resource-identifier
 MRL helpers