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Remote HTTP resources identified by a URL. More...

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 HTTP read-only files.
 Live streams
 Trivial HTTP-based live streams.

Data Structures

struct  vlc_http_resource_cbs
struct  vlc_http_resource


int vlc_http_res_init (struct vlc_http_resource *, const struct vlc_http_resource_cbs *cbs, struct vlc_http_mgr *mgr, const char *uri, const char *ua, const char *ref)
void vlc_http_res_destroy (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Destroys an HTTP resource.
struct vlc_http_msgvlc_http_res_open (struct vlc_http_resource *res, void *)
int vlc_http_res_get_status (struct vlc_http_resource *res)
char * vlc_http_res_get_redirect (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Gets redirection URL.
char * vlc_http_res_get_type (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Gets MIME type.
block_tvlc_http_res_read (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Reads data.
int vlc_http_res_set_login (struct vlc_http_resource *res, const char *username, const char *password)
char * vlc_http_res_get_basic_realm (struct vlc_http_resource *res)

Detailed Description

Remote HTTP resources identified by a URL.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_http_res_destroy()

void vlc_http_res_destroy ( struct vlc_http_resource res)

Destroys an HTTP resource.

Releases all underlying resources allocated or held by the HTTP resource object.

References vlc_http_res_deinit().

Referenced by Close(), and Open().

◆ vlc_http_res_get_basic_realm()

char * vlc_http_res_get_basic_realm ( struct vlc_http_resource res)

◆ vlc_http_res_get_redirect()

char * vlc_http_res_get_redirect ( struct vlc_http_resource )

Gets redirection URL.

Checks if the resource URL lead to a redirection. If so, return the redirect location.

Heap-allocated URL or NULL if no redirection.

◆ vlc_http_res_get_status()

◆ vlc_http_res_get_type()

char * vlc_http_res_get_type ( struct vlc_http_resource res)

Gets MIME type.

Heap-allocated MIME type string, or NULL if unknown.

References vlc_http_resource::response, vlc_http_msg::status, strdup(), vlc_http_msg_get_header(), and vlc_http_res_get_status().

◆ vlc_http_res_init()

int vlc_http_res_init ( struct vlc_http_resource ,
const struct vlc_http_resource_cbs cbs,
struct vlc_http_mgr mgr,
const char *  uri,
const char *  ua,
const char *  ref 

◆ vlc_http_res_open()

◆ vlc_http_res_read()

◆ vlc_http_res_set_login()

int vlc_http_res_set_login ( struct vlc_http_resource res,
const char *  username,
const char *  password