VLC 4.0.0-dev
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vlc_http_resource Struct Reference

#include <resource.h>

Collaboration diagram for vlc_http_resource:

Data Fields

const struct vlc_http_resource_cbscbs
struct vlc_http_msgresponse
struct vlc_http_mgrmanager
bool secure
bool negotiate
bool failure
char * host
unsigned port
char * authority
char * path
char * username
char * password
char * agent
char * referrer

Field Documentation

◆ agent

char* vlc_http_resource::agent

◆ authority

char* vlc_http_resource::authority

◆ cbs

const struct vlc_http_resource_cbs* vlc_http_resource::cbs

◆ failure

bool vlc_http_resource::failure

Referenced by vlc_http_res_get_status().

◆ host

char* vlc_http_resource::host

◆ manager

struct vlc_http_mgr* vlc_http_resource::manager

◆ negotiate

bool vlc_http_resource::negotiate

◆ password

char* vlc_http_resource::password

◆ path

char* vlc_http_resource::path

◆ port

unsigned vlc_http_resource::port

Referenced by vlc_http_res_open().

◆ referrer

char* vlc_http_resource::referrer

◆ response

◆ secure

bool vlc_http_resource::secure

◆ username

char* vlc_http_resource::username

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