VLC 4.0.0-dev
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Over-the-air VLC software updates. More...

Collaboration diagram for Software updates:


file  vlc_update.h
 VLC software update interface.

Data Structures

struct  update_release_t
 Describes an update VLC release number. More...


#define update_New(a)   update_New( VLC_OBJECT( a ) )


typedef struct update_release_t update_release_t


update_tupdate_New (vlc_object_t *)
 Create a new update VLC struct.
void update_Delete (update_t *)
 Delete an update_t struct.
void update_Check (update_t *, void(*callback)(void *, bool), void *)
 Check for updates.
bool update_NeedUpgrade (update_t *)
void update_Download (update_t *, const char *)
 Download the file given in the update_t.
update_release_tupdate_GetRelease (update_t *)

Detailed Description

Over-the-air VLC software updates.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ update_New

#define update_New (   a)    update_New( VLC_OBJECT( a ) )

Typedef Documentation

◆ update_release_t

Function Documentation

◆ update_Check()

void update_Check ( update_t p_update,
void(*)(void *, bool)  pf_callback,
void *  p_data 

Check for updates.

p_updatepointer to update struct
pf_callbackpointer to a function to call when the update_check is finished
p_datapointer to some data to give to the callback

References update_t::p_check, update_check_thread_t::p_data, update_check_thread_t::p_update, update_check_thread_t::pf_callback, update_check_thread_t::thread, update_CheckReal(), vlc_assert_unreachable, vlc_clone(), and vlc_join().

◆ update_Delete()

◆ update_Download()

void update_Download ( update_t p_update,
const char *  psz_destdir 

◆ update_GetRelease()

update_release_t * update_GetRelease ( update_t p_update)

◆ update_NeedUpgrade()

◆ update_New()

update_t * update_New ( vlc_object_t p_this)