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parse.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  input_item_parser_id_t


static void input_item_parser_InputEvent (input_thread_t *input, const struct vlc_input_event *event, void *parser_)
input_item_parser_id_tinput_item_Parse (input_item_t *item, vlc_object_t *obj, const input_item_parser_cbs_t *cbs, void *userdata)
 Parse an item asynchronously.
void input_item_parser_id_Interrupt (input_item_parser_id_t *parser)
 Interrupts & cancels the parsing.
void input_item_parser_id_Release (input_item_parser_id_t *parser)
 Release (and interrupt if needed) a parser.

Function Documentation

◆ input_item_Parse()

input_item_parser_id_t * input_item_Parse ( input_item_t item,
vlc_object_t parent,
const input_item_parser_cbs_t cbs,
void *  userdata 

Parse an item asynchronously.

The parsing is done asynchronously. The user can call input_item_parser_id_Interrupt() before receiving the on_ended() event in order to interrupt it.
itemthe item to parse
parentthe parent obj
cbscallbacks to be notified of the end of the parsing
userdataopaque data used by parser callbacks
a parser instance or NULL in case of error, the parser needs to be released with input_item_parser_id_Release()

References input_item_parser_id_t::cbs, INIT_S, input_item_parser_id_t::input, input_Close(), input_Create, input_item_parser_InputEvent(), input_Start(), INPUT_TYPE_PREPARSING, input_item_parser_cbs_t::on_ended, input_item_parser_id_t::state, and input_item_parser_id_t::userdata.

Referenced by Parse().

◆ input_item_parser_id_Interrupt()

void input_item_parser_id_Interrupt ( input_item_parser_id_t parser)

Interrupts & cancels the parsing.

The parser still needs to be released with input_item_parser_id_Release afterward.
Calling this function will cause the on_ended callback to be invoked.
parserthe parser to interrupt

References input_item_parser_id_t::input, and input_Stop().

Referenced by input_item_parser_id_Release().

◆ input_item_parser_id_Release()

void input_item_parser_id_Release ( input_item_parser_id_t parser)

Release (and interrupt if needed) a parser.

parserthe parser returned by input_item_Parse

References input_item_parser_id_t::input, input_Close(), and input_item_parser_id_Interrupt().

Referenced by Parse().

◆ input_item_parser_InputEvent()