VLC 4.0.0-dev
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vlc_input_event Struct Reference

#include <input_internal.h>

Collaboration diagram for vlc_input_event:

Data Fields

input_event_type_e type
union { 
   struct vlc_input_event_state   state 
   float   rate 
   int   capabilities 
 cf. More...
   struct vlc_input_event_times   times 
   struct vlc_input_event_output_clock   output_clock 
   struct vlc_input_event_title   title 
   struct vlc_input_event_chapter   chapter 
   struct vlc_input_event_program   program 
   struct vlc_input_event_es   es 
   bool   record 
   const struct input_stats_t *   stats 
   struct vlc_input_event_signal   signal 
   float   cache 
   struct vlc_input_event_vout   vout 
   input_item_node_t *   subitems 
   unsigned   vbi_page 
   bool   vbi_transparent 
   float   subs_fps 
   picture_t *   thumbnail 
   struct vlc_input_event_attachments   attachments 
   int   nav_type 

Field Documentation

◆ [union]

union { ... } vlc_input_event

◆ attachments

struct vlc_input_event_attachments vlc_input_event::attachments

◆ cache

float vlc_input_event::cache

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ capabilities

int vlc_input_event::capabilities



◆ chapter

struct vlc_input_event_chapter vlc_input_event::chapter

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ es

struct vlc_input_event_es vlc_input_event::es

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ nav_type

int vlc_input_event::nav_type

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ output_clock

struct vlc_input_event_output_clock vlc_input_event::output_clock

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ program

struct vlc_input_event_program vlc_input_event::program

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ rate

float vlc_input_event::rate

◆ record

bool vlc_input_event::record

◆ signal

struct vlc_input_event_signal vlc_input_event::signal

◆ state

struct vlc_input_event_state vlc_input_event::state

◆ stats

const struct input_stats_t* vlc_input_event::stats

◆ subitems

input_item_node_t* vlc_input_event::subitems

◆ subs_fps

float vlc_input_event::subs_fps

◆ thumbnail

picture_t* vlc_input_event::thumbnail

◆ times

struct vlc_input_event_times vlc_input_event::times

◆ title

struct vlc_input_event_title vlc_input_event::title

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

◆ type

◆ vbi_page

unsigned vlc_input_event::vbi_page

◆ vbi_transparent

bool vlc_input_event::vbi_transparent

◆ vout

struct vlc_input_event_vout vlc_input_event::vout

Referenced by input_thread_Events().

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