VLC 4.0.0-dev
thread.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_thread


#define VLC_THREAD_ASSERT(action)


static void vlc_thread_fatal_print (const char *action, int error, const char *function, const char *file, unsigned line)
void vlc_threads_setup (libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc)
static void * joinable_thread (void *data)
static int vlc_clone_attr (vlc_thread_t *th, void *(*entry)(void *), void *data)
int vlc_clone (vlc_thread_t *th, void *(*entry)(void *), void *data)
 Creates and starts a new thread. More...
void vlc_join (vlc_thread_t handle, void **result)
 Waits for a thread to complete (if needed), then destroys it. More...
void vlc_cancel (vlc_thread_t thread_id)
 Marks a thread as cancelled. More...
int vlc_savecancel (void)
 Disables thread cancellation. More...
void vlc_restorecancel (int state)
 Restores the cancellation state. More...
void vlc_testcancel (void)
 Issues an explicit deferred cancellation point. More...
int vlc_threadvar_create (vlc_threadvar_t *key, void(*destr)(void *))
 Allocates a thread-specific variable. More...
void vlc_threadvar_delete (vlc_threadvar_t *p_tls)
 Deallocates a thread-specific variable. More...
int vlc_threadvar_set (vlc_threadvar_t key, void *value)
 Sets a thread-specific variable. More...
void * vlc_threadvar_get (vlc_threadvar_t key)
 Gets the value of a thread-local variable for the calling thread. More...
void() vlc_tick_wait (vlc_tick_t deadline)
 Waits until a deadline. More...
void() vlc_tick_sleep (vlc_tick_t delay)
 Waits for an interval of time. More...
vlc_tick_t vlc_tick_now (void)
 Precision monotonic clock. More...
unsigned vlc_GetCPUCount (void)
 Count CPUs. More...


static thread_local struct vlc_threadthread = NULL

Macro Definition Documentation


#define VLC_THREAD_ASSERT (   action)
do { \
if (unlikely(val)) { \
vlc_thread_fatal_print (action, val, __func__, __FILE__, __LINE__); \
assert (!action); \
} \
} while(0)
#define unlikely(p)
Predicted false condition.
Definition: vlc_common.h:257

Function Documentation

◆ joinable_thread()

static void * joinable_thread ( void *  data)

References vlc_thread::data, thread, and VLC_THREAD_CANCELED.

Referenced by vlc_clone_attr().

◆ vlc_clone_attr()

static int vlc_clone_attr ( vlc_thread_t th,
void *(*)(void *)  entry,
void *  data 

◆ vlc_thread_fatal_print()

static void vlc_thread_fatal_print ( const char *  action,
int  error,
const char *  function,
const char *  file,
unsigned  line 

◆ vlc_threads_setup()

void vlc_threads_setup ( libvlc_int_t p_libvlc)

Referenced by libvlc_InternalInit().

Variable Documentation

◆ thread