VLC  4.0.0-dev
module_t Struct Reference

Internal module descriptor. More...

Collaboration diagram for module_t:

Data Fields

 Plug-in/library containing the module. More...
unsigned i_shortcuts
 Shortcuts to the module. More...
const char ** pp_shortcuts
const char * psz_shortname
 Module name. More...
const char * psz_longname
 Module descriptive name. More...
const char * psz_help
 Long help string for "special" modules. More...
const char * psz_capability
 Capability. More...
int i_score
 Score for the capability. More...
const char * activate_name
const char * deactivate_name
void * pf_activate
vlc_deactivate_cb deactivate

Detailed Description

Internal module descriptor.

Field Documentation

◆ activate_name

const char* module_t::activate_name

◆ deactivate

◆ deactivate_name

const char* module_t::deactivate_name

◆ i_score

int module_t::i_score

◆ i_shortcuts

unsigned module_t::i_shortcuts

◆ next

◆ pf_activate

void* module_t::pf_activate

◆ plugin

vlc_plugin_t* module_t::plugin

Plug-in/library containing the module.

Referenced by module_config_get(), module_gettext(), vlc_module_create(), and vlc_module_map().

◆ pp_shortcuts

◆ psz_capability

const char* module_t::psz_capability

◆ psz_help

const char* module_t::psz_help

Long help string for "special" modules.

Referenced by module_get_help(), Usage(), vlc_module_create(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ psz_longname

const char* module_t::psz_longname

◆ psz_shortname

const char* module_t::psz_shortname

Module name.

Referenced by module_get_name(), vlc_module_create(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

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