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modules.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_plugin_t
 VLC plugin. More...
struct  module_t
 Internal module descriptor. More...




typedef struct vlc_plugin_t vlc_plugin_t
 VLC plugin.
typedef void(* vlc_deactivate_cb) (vlc_object_t *)
 Plugin deactivation callback.


vlc_plugin_tvlc_plugin_create (void)
void vlc_plugin_destroy (vlc_plugin_t *)
 Destroys a plug-in.
module_tvlc_module_create (vlc_plugin_t *)
void vlc_module_destroy (module_t *)
 Destroys a module.
vlc_plugin_tvlc_plugin_describe (vlc_plugin_cb)
 Runs a plug-in descriptor.
int vlc_plugin_resolve (vlc_plugin_t *, vlc_plugin_cb)
void module_InitBank (void)
 Init bank.
void module_LoadPlugins (libvlc_int_t *)
 Loads module descriptions for all available plugins.
void module_EndBank (bool)
 Unloads all unused plugin modules and empties the module bank in case of success.
int vlc_plugin_Map (struct vlc_logger *, vlc_plugin_t *)
void * vlc_plugin_Symbol (struct vlc_logger *, vlc_plugin_t *, const char *name)
size_t module_list_cap (module_t *const **tab, const char *name)
 Lists of all VLC modules with a given capability.
int vlc_bindtextdomain (const char *)
void * vlc_dlopen (const char *path, bool)
 Loads a dynamically linked library.
int vlc_dlclose (void *)
 Unloads a dynamic library.
void * vlc_dlsym (void *handle, const char *name)
 Looks up a symbol from a dynamically loaded library.
char * vlc_dlerror (void)
 Formats an error message for vlc_dlopen() or vlc_dlsym().
vlc_plugin_tvlc_cache_load (libvlc_int_t *, const char *, block_t **)
vlc_plugin_tvlc_cache_lookup (vlc_plugin_t **, const char *relpath)
void CacheSave (libvlc_int_t *, const char *, vlc_plugin_t *const *, size_t)


struct vlc_plugin_tvlc_plugins
 List of all plug-ins.

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Typedef Documentation

◆ vlc_deactivate_cb

typedef void(* vlc_deactivate_cb) (vlc_object_t *)

Plugin deactivation callback.

◆ vlc_plugin_t

typedef struct vlc_plugin_t vlc_plugin_t

VLC plugin.

Function Documentation

◆ CacheSave()

void CacheSave ( libvlc_int_t ,
const char *  ,
vlc_plugin_t *const *  ,

◆ module_EndBank()

void module_EndBank ( bool  b_plugins)

◆ module_InitBank()

void module_InitBank ( void  )

Init bank.

Creates a module bank structure which will be filled later on with all the modules found.

References config_SortConfig(), likely, module_InitStatic(), modules, VLC_MODULE_ENTRY, vlc_mutex_lock(), and vlc_plugin_store().

Referenced by libvlc_InternalInit().

◆ module_list_cap()

size_t module_list_cap ( module_t *const **  tab,
const char *  name 

Lists of all VLC modules with a given capability.

This functions returns a table of all VLC modules whose capability matches the supplied capability name. Entries are sorted by decreasing module score.

This function cannot fail. It returns zero if, and only if, no modules match the requested capability inside the module bank.
tabpointer to the table of modules [OUT]
namecapability nul-terminated string (cannot be NULL)
the number of entries in the table

◆ module_LoadPlugins()

void module_LoadPlugins ( libvlc_int_t obj)

Loads module descriptions for all available plugins.

Fills the module bank structure with the plugin modules.

objvlc object structure

References config_SortConfig(), config_UnsortConfig(), module_InitStaticModules(), modules, msg_Dbg, twalk(), vlc_modcap_sort(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by libvlc_InternalInit().

◆ vlc_bindtextdomain()

int vlc_bindtextdomain ( const char *  domain)

◆ vlc_cache_load()

vlc_plugin_t * vlc_cache_load ( libvlc_int_t ,
const char *  ,
block_t **   

◆ vlc_cache_lookup()

vlc_plugin_t * vlc_cache_lookup ( vlc_plugin_t **  ,
const char *  relpath 

◆ vlc_dlclose()

int vlc_dlclose ( void *  handle)

Unloads a dynamic library.

This function unloads a previously opened dynamically linked library using a system dependent method.

handlehandle of the library
Return values
0on success
-1on error (none are defined though)

◆ vlc_dlerror()

char * vlc_dlerror ( void  )

Formats an error message for vlc_dlopen() or vlc_dlsym().

a heap-allocated nul-terminated error string, or NULL.

References FromLocaleDup, and strdup().

◆ vlc_dlopen()

void * vlc_dlopen ( const char *  path,
bool  lazy 

Loads a dynamically linked library.

pathlibrary file path
lazywhether to resolve the symbols lazily
a module handle on success, or NULL on error.

References ToLocaleDup, unlikely, and VLC_UNUSED.

◆ vlc_dlsym()

void * vlc_dlsym ( void *  handle,
const char *  name 

Looks up a symbol from a dynamically loaded library.

This function looks for a named symbol within a loaded library.

handlehandle to the library
namefunction name
the address of the symbol on success, or NULL on error
If the symbol address is NULL, errors cannot be detected. However, normal symbols such as function or global variables cannot have NULL as their address.

References name.

◆ vlc_module_create()

module_t * vlc_module_create ( vlc_plugin_t plugin)

◆ vlc_module_destroy()

void vlc_module_destroy ( module_t module)

Destroys a module.

References module_t::pp_shortcuts.

Referenced by vlc_plugin_destroy().

◆ vlc_plugin_create()

◆ vlc_plugin_describe()

vlc_plugin_t * vlc_plugin_describe ( vlc_plugin_cb  entry)

Runs a plug-in descriptor.

This loads the plug-in meta-data in memory.

References unlikely, vlc_plugin_create(), vlc_plugin_desc_cb(), and vlc_plugin_destroy().

Referenced by module_InitStatic().

◆ vlc_plugin_destroy()

void vlc_plugin_destroy ( vlc_plugin_t plugin)

Destroys a plug-in.

If the plug-in was dynamically loaded in memory, the library handle and associated memory mappings and linker resources will be leaked.

References vlc_plugin_t::conf, config_Free(), vlc_plugin_t::params, vlc_plugin_t::size, and vlc_module_destroy().

Referenced by module_EndBank(), and vlc_plugin_describe().

◆ vlc_plugin_Map()

int vlc_plugin_Map ( struct vlc_logger log,
vlc_plugin_t plugin 

Referenced by vlc_module_map().

◆ vlc_plugin_resolve()

int vlc_plugin_resolve ( vlc_plugin_t plugin,
vlc_plugin_cb  entry 

◆ vlc_plugin_Symbol()

void * vlc_plugin_Symbol ( struct vlc_logger log,
vlc_plugin_t plugin,
const char *  name 

References name.

Referenced by config_GetIntChoices(), and config_GetPszChoices().

Variable Documentation

◆ vlc_plugins