VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
filter_chain_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

filter_owner_t parent_video_owner
 Owner (downstream) callbacks. More...
 List of filters. More...
es_format_t fmt_in
 Chain input format (constant) More...
 Chain input video context (set on Reset) More...
es_format_t fmt_out
 Chain output format (constant) More...
bool b_allow_fmt_out_change
 Each filter can change the output. More...
const char * filter_cap
 Filter modules capability. More...
const char * conv_cap
 Converter modules capability. More...

Field Documentation

◆ b_allow_fmt_out_change

bool filter_chain_t::b_allow_fmt_out_change

Each filter can change the output.

Referenced by filter_chain_AppendInner(), and filter_chain_NewInner().

◆ conv_cap

const char* filter_chain_t::conv_cap

Converter modules capability.

Referenced by filter_chain_AppendConverter(), and filter_chain_NewInner().

◆ filter_cap

const char* filter_chain_t::filter_cap

Filter modules capability.

Referenced by filter_chain_AppendFilter(), and filter_chain_NewInner().

◆ first

chained_filter_t* filter_chain_t::first

◆ fmt_in

es_format_t filter_chain_t::fmt_in

◆ fmt_out

es_format_t filter_chain_t::fmt_out

◆ last

chained_filter_t * filter_chain_t::last

◆ obj

vlc_object_t* filter_chain_t::obj

◆ parent_video_owner

filter_owner_t filter_chain_t::parent_video_owner

◆ vctx_in

vlc_video_context* filter_chain_t::vctx_in

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