VLC 4.0.0-dev
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rtpfmt.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_sdp_pt_default


static void codec_destroy (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data)
static void codec_decode (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data, block_t *block, const struct vlc_rtp_pktinfo *restrict info)
static void * gsm_init (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
static void * qcelp_init (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
void rtp_autodetect (vlc_object_t *obj, rtp_session_t *session, const struct vlc_rtp_pt_owner *restrict owner)
static struct vlc_rtp_ptvlc_rtp_pt_create (vlc_object_t *obj, const struct vlc_sdp_pt *desc, const struct vlc_rtp_pt_owner *restrict owner)
void vlc_rtp_pt_release (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
 Destroys a payload type parameter set.
static void vlc_rtp_set_default_types (struct vlc_sdp_pt *restrict types, const struct vlc_sdp_media *media)
 Sets the static payload types.
int vlc_rtp_add_media_types (vlc_object_t *obj, rtp_session_t *session, const struct vlc_sdp_media *media, const struct vlc_rtp_pt_owner *restrict owner)
 Registers all payload types declared in an SDP media.
static void es_dummy_destroy (struct vlc_rtp_es *es)
static void es_dummy_decode (struct vlc_rtp_es *es, block_t *block)


static const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_audio_gsm
static const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_audio_qcelp
static const struct vlc_rtp_es_operations vlc_rtp_es_dummy_ops
static struct vlc_rtp_es vlc_rtp_es_dummy_instance
struct vlc_rtp_es *const vlc_rtp_es_dummy = &vlc_rtp_es_dummy_instance
 A (pointer to a) dummy output that discards data.

Function Documentation

◆ codec_decode()

static void codec_decode ( struct vlc_rtp_pt pt,
void *  data,
block_t block,
const struct vlc_rtp_pktinfo *restrict  info 

◆ codec_destroy()

static void codec_destroy ( struct vlc_rtp_pt pt,
void *  data 

References vlc_rtp_es_destroy().

◆ es_dummy_decode()

static void es_dummy_decode ( struct vlc_rtp_es es,
block_t block 

References block_Release, and vlc_rtp_es_dummy.

◆ es_dummy_destroy()

static void es_dummy_destroy ( struct vlc_rtp_es es)

References vlc_rtp_es_dummy.

◆ gsm_init()

◆ qcelp_init()

◆ rtp_autodetect()

void rtp_autodetect ( vlc_object_t obj,
rtp_session_t session,
const struct vlc_rtp_pt_owner *restrict  owner 

◆ vlc_rtp_pt_create()

◆ vlc_rtp_set_default_types()

static void vlc_rtp_set_default_types ( struct vlc_sdp_pt *restrict  types,
const struct vlc_sdp_media media 

Variable Documentation

◆ rtp_audio_gsm

const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_audio_gsm
Initial value:
= {
static void codec_decode(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data, block_t *block, const struct vlc_rtp_pktinfo *restrict info)
Definition rtpfmt.c:47
static void * gsm_init(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
Definition rtpfmt.c:62
static void codec_destroy(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data)
Definition rtpfmt.c:40

Referenced by vlc_rtp_pt_create().

◆ rtp_audio_qcelp

const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_audio_qcelp
Initial value:
= {
static void * qcelp_init(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
Definition rtpfmt.c:79

Referenced by vlc_rtp_pt_create().

◆ vlc_rtp_es_dummy_instance

struct vlc_rtp_es vlc_rtp_es_dummy_instance
Initial value:
= {
static const struct vlc_rtp_es_operations vlc_rtp_es_dummy_ops
Definition rtpfmt.c:324

◆ vlc_rtp_es_dummy_ops

const struct vlc_rtp_es_operations vlc_rtp_es_dummy_ops
Initial value:
= {
static void es_dummy_destroy(struct vlc_rtp_es *es)
Definition rtpfmt.c:313
static void es_dummy_decode(struct vlc_rtp_es *es, block_t *block)
Definition rtpfmt.c:318