VLC 4.0.0-dev
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rtp_session_trtp_session_create (demux_t *)
 Creates a new RTP session. More...
void rtp_session_destroy (demux_t *, rtp_session_t *)
 Destroys an RTP session. More...
void rtp_queue (demux_t *, rtp_session_t *, block_t *)
 Receives an RTP packet and queues it. More...
bool rtp_dequeue (demux_t *, const rtp_session_t *, vlc_tick_t *)
int rtp_add_type (rtp_session_t *ses, rtp_pt_t *pt)
 Adds a payload type to an RTP session. More...
int vlc_rtp_add_media_types (vlc_object_t *obj, rtp_session_t *ses, const struct vlc_sdp_media *media, const struct vlc_rtp_pt_owner *restrict owner)
 Registers all payload types declared in an SDP media. More...
void * rtp_dgram_thread (void *data)
 RTP/RTCP session thread for datagram sockets. More...

Detailed Description

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◆ rtp_add_type()

int rtp_add_type ( rtp_session_t ses,
rtp_pt_t pt 

Adds a payload type to an RTP session.

References vlc_rtp_pt::frequency, rtp_session_t::ptc, rtp_session_t::ptv, and rtp_session_t::srcc.

Referenced by vlc_rtp_add_media_types().

◆ rtp_dequeue()

bool rtp_dequeue ( demux_t ,
const rtp_session_t ,

Referenced by rtp_dgram_thread().

◆ rtp_dgram_thread()

◆ rtp_queue()

◆ rtp_session_create()

rtp_session_t * rtp_session_create ( demux_t demux)

Creates a new RTP session.

References rtp_session_t::ptc, rtp_session_t::ptv, rtp_session_t::srcc, and rtp_session_t::srcv.

Referenced by OpenSDP(), and OpenURL().

◆ rtp_session_destroy()

void rtp_session_destroy ( demux_t demux,
rtp_session_t session 

◆ vlc_rtp_add_media_types()