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#include <rtp.h>

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Data Fields

const struct vlc_sdp_mediamedia
 Containant SDP media description.
char name [16]
 RTP payload format name, i.e.
unsigned int clock_rate
 RTP clock rate (in Hertz)
unsigned char channel_count
 Number of channels (0 if unspecified)
const char * parameters
 Format parameters from the a=fmtp line.

Detailed Description

Payload type mapping.

This structure represents an RTP payload type mapping for an RTP payload format extracted from an Session Description Protocol description.

Field Documentation

◆ channel_count

unsigned char vlc_sdp_pt::channel_count

Number of channels (0 if unspecified)

Referenced by rtp_opus_open(), rtp_pcm_open(), vlc_rtp_add_media_types(), vlc_rtp_pt_create(), and vlc_rtp_set_default_types().

◆ clock_rate

unsigned int vlc_sdp_pt::clock_rate

◆ media

const struct vlc_sdp_media* vlc_sdp_pt::media

Containant SDP media description.

Referenced by vlc_rtp_add_media_types(), vlc_rtp_pt_create(), and vlc_rtp_set_default_types().

◆ name

◆ parameters

const char* vlc_sdp_pt::parameters

Format parameters from the a=fmtp line.

Referenced by rtp_h264_open(), vlc_rtp_add_media_types(), and vlc_sdp_fmtp_get_str().

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