VLC 4.0.0-dev
ac3.c File Reference

RTP AC-3 and E-AC-3 payload format parser. More...

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Data Structures

struct  rtp_ac3
struct  rtp_ac3_source


static void * rtp_ac3_begin (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
static void rtp_ac3_end (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data)
static void rtp_ac3_decode_compound (struct vlc_logger *log, bool enhanced, struct rtp_ac3_source *src, block_t *block, unsigned int frames)
static void rtp_ac3_send (struct rtp_ac3_source *src)
static void rtp_ac3_decode (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data, block_t *block, const struct vlc_rtp_pktinfo *restrict info)
static void rtp_ac3_destroy (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
static int rtp_ac3_open (vlc_object_t *obj, struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, const struct vlc_sdp_pt *desc)
int vlc_entry__MODULE_NAME (vlc_set_cb vlc_set, void *opaque)
const char * vlc_entry_api_version__MODULE_NAME (void)


static const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_ac3_ops

Detailed Description

RTP AC-3 and E-AC-3 payload format parser.

Function Documentation

◆ rtp_ac3_begin()

◆ rtp_ac3_decode()

◆ rtp_ac3_decode_compound()

static void rtp_ac3_decode_compound ( struct vlc_logger log,
bool  enhanced,
struct rtp_ac3_source src,
block_t block,
unsigned int  frames 

◆ rtp_ac3_destroy()

static void rtp_ac3_destroy ( struct vlc_rtp_pt pt)

References vlc_rtp_pt::opaque.

◆ rtp_ac3_end()

static void rtp_ac3_end ( struct vlc_rtp_pt pt,
void *  data 

◆ rtp_ac3_open()

◆ rtp_ac3_send()

◆ vlc_entry__MODULE_NAME()

int vlc_entry__MODULE_NAME ( vlc_set_cb  vlc_set,
void *  opaque 

◆ vlc_entry_api_version__MODULE_NAME()

const char * vlc_entry_api_version__MODULE_NAME ( void  )

Variable Documentation

◆ rtp_ac3_ops

const struct vlc_rtp_pt_operations rtp_ac3_ops
Initial value:
= {
static void rtp_ac3_end(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data)
Definition: ac3.c:72
static void * rtp_ac3_begin(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
Definition: ac3.c:51
static void rtp_ac3_destroy(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt)
Definition: ac3.c:209
static void rtp_ac3_decode(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, void *data, block_t *block, const struct vlc_rtp_pktinfo *restrict info)
Definition: ac3.c:138

Referenced by rtp_ac3_open().