VLC 4.0.0-dev
input.c File Reference

RTP packet input. More...

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#define DEFAULT_MRU   (1500u - (20 + 8))


static void rtp_process (demux_t *demux, block_t *block)
 Processes a packet received from the RTP socket. More...
static int rtp_timeout (vlc_tick_t deadline)
void * rtp_dgram_thread (void *opaque)
 RTP/RTCP session thread for datagram sockets. More...

Detailed Description

RTP packet input.

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#define DEFAULT_MRU   (1500u - (20 + 8))

Function Documentation

◆ rtp_process()

static void rtp_process ( demux_t demux,
block_t block 

Processes a packet received from the RTP socket.

References block_Release, vlc_frame_t::i_buffer, msg_Dbg, vlc_frame_t::p_buffer, stream_t::p_sys, rtp_ptype(), rtp_queue(), demux_sys_t::session, and srtp_recv().

Referenced by rtp_dgram_thread().

◆ rtp_timeout()

static int rtp_timeout ( vlc_tick_t  deadline)