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video_format_t Struct Reference

video format description More...

#include <vlc_es.h>

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Data Fields

vlc_fourcc_t i_chroma
 picture chroma
unsigned int i_width
 picture width
unsigned int i_height
 picture height
unsigned int i_x_offset
 start offset of visible area
unsigned int i_y_offset
 start offset of visible area
unsigned int i_visible_width
 width of visible area
unsigned int i_visible_height
 height of visible area
unsigned int i_sar_num
 sample/pixel aspect ratio
unsigned int i_sar_den
unsigned int i_frame_rate
 frame rate numerator
unsigned int i_frame_rate_base
 frame rate denominator
 video palette from demuxer
video_orientation_t orientation
 picture orientation
video_color_primaries_t primaries
 color primaries
video_transfer_func_t transfer
 transfer function
video_color_space_t space
 YCbCr color space.
video_color_range_t color_range
 0-255 instead of 16-235
video_chroma_location_t chroma_location
 YCbCr chroma location.
video_multiview_mode_t multiview_mode
bool b_multiview_right_eye_first
 Multiview mode, 2D, 3D.
video_projection_mode_t projection_mode
 Multiview left or right eye first.
vlc_viewpoint_t pose
struct { 
   uint16_t   primaries [3 *2] 
   uint16_t   white_point [2] 
   uint32_t   max_luminance 
   uint32_t   min_luminance 
struct { 
   uint16_t   MaxCLL 
   uint16_t   MaxFALL 
struct { 
   uint8_t   version_major 
   uint8_t   version_minor 
   unsigned   profile: 7 
   unsigned   level: 6 
   unsigned   rpu_present: 1 
   unsigned   el_present: 1 
   unsigned   bl_present: 1 
uint32_t i_cubemap_padding
 padding in pixels of the cube map faces

Detailed Description

video format description

Field Documentation

◆ b_multiview_right_eye_first

bool video_format_t::b_multiview_right_eye_first

Multiview mode, 2D, 3D.

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo().

◆ bl_present

unsigned video_format_t::bl_present

◆ chroma_location

video_chroma_location_t video_format_t::chroma_location

YCbCr chroma location.

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo().

◆ color_range

video_color_range_t video_format_t::color_range

0-255 instead of 16-235

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo(), region_FixFmt(), and video_format_AdjustColorSpace().

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } video_format_t::dovi

◆ el_present

unsigned video_format_t::el_present

◆ i_chroma

◆ i_cubemap_padding

uint32_t video_format_t::i_cubemap_padding

padding in pixels of the cube map faces

◆ i_frame_rate

unsigned int video_format_t::i_frame_rate

◆ i_frame_rate_base

unsigned int video_format_t::i_frame_rate_base

frame rate denominator

Referenced by CreateEncoder(), EsOutFillEsFmt(), EsOutUpdateInfo(), IsPictureLate(), and RenderPicture().

◆ i_height

◆ i_sar_den

◆ i_sar_num

◆ i_visible_height

◆ i_visible_width

◆ i_width

◆ i_x_offset

◆ i_y_offset

◆ level

unsigned video_format_t::level

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } video_format_t::lighting

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } video_format_t::mastering

◆ max_luminance

uint32_t video_format_t::max_luminance

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo().

◆ MaxCLL

uint16_t video_format_t::MaxCLL


uint16_t video_format_t::MaxFALL

◆ min_luminance

uint32_t video_format_t::min_luminance

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo().

◆ multiview_mode

◆ orientation

◆ p_palette

◆ pose

◆ primaries [1/2]

◆ primaries [2/2]

uint16_t video_format_t::primaries[3 *2]

◆ profile

unsigned video_format_t::profile

◆ projection_mode

video_projection_mode_t video_format_t::projection_mode

Multiview left or right eye first.

projection mode

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo(), and vout_OpenWrapper().

◆ rpu_present

unsigned video_format_t::rpu_present

◆ space

◆ transfer

◆ version_major

uint8_t video_format_t::version_major

◆ version_minor

uint8_t video_format_t::version_minor

◆ white_point

uint16_t video_format_t::white_point[2]

Referenced by EsOutUpdateInfo().

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