VLC  4.0.0-dev
subpicture.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  subpicture_private_t


subpicture_tsubpicture_New (const subpicture_updater_t *p_upd)
 This function create a new empty subpicture. More...
void subpicture_Delete (subpicture_t *p_subpic)
 This function delete a subpicture created by subpicture_New. More...
subpicture_tsubpicture_NewFromPicture (vlc_object_t *p_obj, picture_t *p_picture, vlc_fourcc_t i_chroma)
 This function will create a subpicture having one region in the requested chroma showing the given picture. More...
void subpicture_Update (subpicture_t *p_subpicture, const video_format_t *p_fmt_src, const video_format_t *p_fmt_dst, vlc_tick_t i_ts)
 This function will update the content of a subpicture created with a non NULL subpicture_updater_t. More...
subpicture_region_private_tsubpicture_region_private_New (video_format_t *p_fmt)
void subpicture_region_private_Delete (subpicture_region_private_t *p_private)
subpicture_region_tsubpicture_region_NewInternal (const video_format_t *p_fmt)
subpicture_region_tsubpicture_region_New (const video_format_t *p_fmt)
 This function will create a new subpicture region. More...
void subpicture_region_Delete (subpicture_region_t *p_region)
 This function will destroy a subpicture region allocated by subpicture_region_New. More...
void subpicture_region_ChainDelete (subpicture_region_t *p_head)
 This function will destroy a list of subpicture regions allocated by subpicture_region_New. More...
unsigned picture_BlendSubpicture (picture_t *dst, vlc_blender_t *blend, subpicture_t *src)
 This function will blend a given subpicture onto a picture. More...
subpicture_region_tsubpicture_region_Copy (subpicture_region_t *p_region_src)
 This function will copy a subpicture region to a new allocated one and transfer all the properties. More...

Function Documentation

◆ subpicture_region_NewInternal()

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◆ subpicture_region_private_New()