VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields

Video subtitle. More...

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Data Fields

 region list composing this subtitle More...
subpicture_updater_t updater
Channel ID
ssize_t i_channel
 subpicture channel ID More...
Type and flags

Should NOT be modified except by the vout thread

int64_t i_order
 an increasing unique number More...
Date properties
vlc_tick_t i_start
 beginning of display date More...
vlc_tick_t i_stop
 end of display date More...
bool b_ephemer
 If this flag is set to true the subtitle will be displayed until the next one appear. More...
bool b_fade
 enable fading More...
Display properties

These properties are only indicative and may be changed by the video output thread, or simply ignored depending of the subtitle type.

bool b_subtitle
 the picture is a movie subtitle More...
bool b_absolute
 position is absolute More...
int i_original_picture_width
 original width of the movie More...
int i_original_picture_height
 original height of the movie More...
int i_alpha
 transparency More...

Detailed Description

Video subtitle.

Any subtitle destined to be displayed by a video output thread should be stored in this structure from it's creation to it's effective display. Subtitle type and flags should only be modified by the output thread. Note that an empty subtitle MUST have its flags set to 0.

Field Documentation

◆ b_absolute

bool subpicture_t::b_absolute

◆ b_ephemer

bool subpicture_t::b_ephemer

If this flag is set to true the subtitle will be displayed until the next one appear.

Referenced by OSDWidget(), spu_SelectSubpictures(), vlc_input_decoder_AddVoutOverlay(), vout_OSDEpg(), vout_OSDText(), and VoutSnapshotPip().

◆ b_fade

bool subpicture_t::b_fade

◆ b_subtitle

bool subpicture_t::b_subtitle

◆ i_alpha

int subpicture_t::i_alpha

◆ i_channel

ssize_t subpicture_t::i_channel

◆ i_order

int64_t subpicture_t::i_order

◆ i_original_picture_height

int subpicture_t::i_original_picture_height

◆ i_original_picture_width

int subpicture_t::i_original_picture_width

◆ i_start

vlc_tick_t subpicture_t::i_start

◆ i_stop

vlc_tick_t subpicture_t::i_stop

◆ p_next

subpicture_t* subpicture_t::p_next

an increasing unique number

next subtitle to be displayed

Referenced by decoder_QueueSub().

◆ p_private

subpicture_private_t* subpicture_t::p_private

◆ p_region

subpicture_region_t* subpicture_t::p_region

◆ updater

subpicture_updater_t subpicture_t::updater

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