VLC  4.0.0-dev

User configuration for a video output display (vout_display_t) More...

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Data Fields

struct vlc_windowwindow
 Window. More...
struct vout_display_placement display
 Display placement properties. More...
vlc_viewpoint_t viewpoint

Detailed Description

User configuration for a video output display (vout_display_t)

This primarily controls the size of the display area within the video window, as follows:

  • If vout_display_cfg::display::fitting is not disabled, the video size is fitted to the display size.
  • If window size is valid, the video size is set to the window size,
  • Otherwise, the video size is determined from the original video format, multiplied by the zoom factor.

Field Documentation

◆ display

◆ viewpoint

◆ window

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