VLC 4.0.0-dev
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#include <vlc_vout_display.h>

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Data Fields

struct vlc_object_t obj
const vout_display_cfg_tcfg
 User configuration.
const video_format_tsource
 Source video format.
const video_format_tfmt
 Picture format.
vout_display_info_t info
vout_display_owner_t owner
void * sys
 Private data for the display module.
const struct vlc_display_operationsops
 Callbacks the display module must set on Open.

Field Documentation

◆ cfg

const vout_display_cfg_t* vout_display_t::cfg

User configuration.

This cannot be modified directly. It reflects the current values.

Referenced by PrerenderPicture(), vout_display_New(), vout_display_SendEventMousePressed(), vout_display_SendEventMouseReleased(), and vout_display_SendMouseMovedDisplayCoordinates().

◆ fmt

const video_format_t* vout_display_t::fmt

Picture format.

This is the format of the pictures that are supplied to the prepare and display callbacks. Ideally, it should be identical or as close as possible as source.

This can only be changed from the display module activation callback, or within a reset_pictures request.

By default, it is equal to source except for the aspect ratio which is undefined(0) and is ignored.

Referenced by PrerenderPicture(), vout_display_New(), and vout_OpenWrapper().

◆ info

vout_display_info_t vout_display_t::info

◆ obj

struct vlc_object_t vout_display_t::obj

Referenced by vout_display_New().

◆ ops

◆ owner

◆ source

const video_format_t* vout_display_t::source

Source video format.

This is the format of the video that is being displayed (after decoding and filtering). It cannot be modified.

Cropping is not requested while in the open function.

Referenced by PrerenderPicture(), RenderSPUs(), and vout_display_New().

◆ sys

void* vout_display_t::sys

Private data for the display module.

A module is free to use it as it wishes.

Referenced by vout_display_New().

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