VLC  4.0.0-dev
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tracer.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_tracer
struct  vlc_tracer_module
 Module-based message trace. More...


void vlc_tracer_Trace (struct vlc_tracer *tracer,...)
 Emit traces. More...
static int vlc_tracer_load (void *func, bool forced, va_list ap)
static struct vlc_tracervlc_TraceModuleCreate (vlc_object_t *parent)
void vlc_tracer_Init (libvlc_int_t *vlc)
 Initializes the messages tracing system. More...
void vlc_tracer_Destroy (libvlc_int_t *vlc)

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_TraceModuleCreate()

static struct vlc_tracer* vlc_TraceModuleCreate ( vlc_object_t parent)

◆ vlc_tracer_Destroy()

void vlc_tracer_Destroy ( libvlc_int_t vlc)

◆ vlc_tracer_Init()

void vlc_tracer_Init ( libvlc_int_t vlc)

Initializes the messages tracing system.

References libvlc_priv(), libvlc_priv_t::tracer, VLC_OBJECT, and vlc_TraceModuleCreate().

Referenced by libvlc_InternalInit().

◆ vlc_tracer_load()

static int vlc_tracer_load ( void *  func,
bool  forced,
va_list  ap