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clock_internal.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  average_t
 This structure holds long term moving average. More...
struct  clock_point_t




void AvgInit (average_t *, int range)
void AvgClean (average_t *)
void AvgReset (average_t *)
void AvgUpdate (average_t *, double value)
double AvgGet (average_t *)
void AvgRescale (average_t *, int range)
static clock_point_t clock_point_Create (vlc_tick_t system, vlc_tick_t stream)

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Function Documentation

◆ AvgClean()

void AvgClean ( average_t avg)

References VLC_UNUSED.

Referenced by input_clock_Delete().

◆ AvgGet()

double AvgGet ( average_t avg)

◆ AvgInit()

void AvgInit ( average_t avg,
int  range 

References AvgReset(), and average_t::range.

Referenced by input_clock_New(), and vlc_clock_main_New().

◆ AvgRescale()

void AvgRescale ( average_t avg,
int  range 

◆ AvgReset()

void AvgReset ( average_t avg)

◆ AvgUpdate()

void AvgUpdate ( average_t avg,
double  value 

◆ clock_point_Create()

static clock_point_t clock_point_Create ( vlc_tick_t  system,
vlc_tick_t  stream