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HTTP write-only files. More...

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struct vlc_http_outfile * vlc_http_outfile_create (struct vlc_http_mgr *mgr, const char *url, const char *ua, const char *user, const char *pwd)
 Creates an HTTP output file.
ssize_t vlc_http_outfile_write (struct vlc_http_outfile *, block_t *b)
 Writes data.
int vlc_http_outfile_close (struct vlc_http_outfile *)

Detailed Description

HTTP write-only files.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_http_outfile_close()

int vlc_http_outfile_close ( struct vlc_http_outfile *  f)

◆ vlc_http_outfile_create()

struct vlc_http_outfile * vlc_http_outfile_create ( struct vlc_http_mgr mgr,
const char *  url,
const char *  ua,
const char *  user,
const char *  pwd 

Creates an HTTP output file.

mgrHTTP connection manager
urlURL of the file to write
uauser-agent string (NULL to ignore)
userusername for authentication (NULL to skip)
pwdpassword for authentication (NULL to skip)
an HTTP resource object pointer, or NULL on error

References vlc_http_msg::authority, vlc_url_t::i_port, vlc_url_t::psz_host, vlc_url_t::psz_path, vlc_url_t::psz_protocol, vlc_http_msg::status, unlikely, vlc_ascii_strcasecmp(), vlc_http_authority(), vlc_http_mgr_get_jar(), vlc_http_mgr_request(), vlc_http_msg_add_agent(), vlc_http_msg_add_cookies(), vlc_http_msg_add_creds_basic(), vlc_http_msg_add_header(), vlc_http_msg_destroy(), vlc_http_msg_get_status(), vlc_http_req_create(), vlc_UrlClean(), and vlc_UrlParse().

◆ vlc_http_outfile_write()

ssize_t vlc_http_outfile_write ( struct vlc_http_outfile *  f,
block_t b 

Writes data.

References vlc_http_msg_write().